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Every day you miss out on thousands of articles that are worth your attention to work better. Find out how Cronycle helps:


Be smarter about what you read


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Improved Relevance

Stay on Track with Curated Feeds

Create your own content channels based on your favourite niche blogs, news sites and Twitter feeds and fine-tune the output with our powerful filtering feature.

Organised Content

Save the Best Articles in One Place

Gather your thoughts, articles and notes around a specific topic onto a board. Collaborate and discuss with your team members to reach a common conclusion.

Useful Integrations

Cronycle Improves Your Online Presence

Take your blog to the next level by embedding a Collection, share interesting articles with your network or save articles you find around the web to your Cronycle.

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Your favourite sources

Add the feeds of your preferred news websites, blogs and Twitter accounts. We even support OPML import.

Fine-tuned relevance

The powerful filtering allows you to curate your feeds and only spend time on the things that matter.

Be the first to know

We're updating your customized channels every minute for real-time information.

Integrated to your workflow

Cronycle is built for your convenience and has integrations to Chrome, Safari, WordPress and more

Together you are brilliant

Collaborate with your team by commenting and developing ideas inspired by the gems found in your feeds.

And so much more!

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4 Types of Content Curation

4 Types of Content Curation

A hot topic at the moment for content marketers is ‘content curation’. This is interesting because curation is an important but previously overlooked part of content creation. However, content curation is a wider term for lots of different curation methods. It is helpful to explore what the different facets of ‘curation’ can mean so you can ...

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I’m biased?! No, you’re biased!

I’m biased?! No, you’re biased!

Maybe we’ve been listening out for it, or maybe this is a trend, but more and more people seem to be talking about bias. It started when Tinder accused Vanity Fair of bias after their article attacking the dating app took over the media for a day. Then we noticed the NY Times were promoting ...

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Marketeers: Learn from Publishers

Marketeers: Learn from Publishers

Many B2B companies are fairly new to content marketing; they have only started to integrate it as a strategy in the last few years. As a result, the profession is fighting to reach a level of maturity which means there is a standard practice to producing and distributing content. But actually, there is another industry ...

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