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4 ways to share curated content to social media

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This tutorial describes several ways to share curated content to social media. Cronycle is a one-stop shop for all your content discovery, organization and publishing. This means that content your receive on your feeds, and content you save on your boards, can be shared to Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and other ways.

1&2- Publish your board to social media via Buffer or Hootsuite

There are several advantages with this method of publishing content to social media:

  • Distribute to several social media accounts (options being Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest)
  • Schedule when the posts get published (available with Buffer only)
  • Use the same curated content for other means of sharing, such as newsletter, WordPress site, Slack, etc.
  • Publish the summaries you add to content on your board. This way you only need to write it once!

First, you need a Hootsuite or Buffer account. In that account, you need to connect your social media account(s).

Step 0 – Select Buffer or Hootsuite

Then, back in your Cronycle board, click on the Publish button. It opens a dropdown menu where you can find different categories for publishing. If you already have other options setup, click on “Set up more publishing options”.

Next, expand Social Media, and you’ll find both Buffer and Hootsuite there, with a link to this tutorial.

share curated content to social media using the Buffer & Hootsuite publishing options

Click on set up publishing to Buffer or Hootsuite depending on your choice. At this stage, a side panel opens with a step-by-step wizard. All the changes are saved as soon as you complete a step, so you do not need to finish it on your first try. You can resume and modify at any point. We’ll use Buffer as the example here, but the setup is identical with Hootsuite.

Step 1 – Connect your Buffer / Hootsuite account

The first step asks you to connect Cronycle to your Buffer or Hootsuite account. Click on the Connect button, and an authorization window opens, where you can allow access for the apps to connect.

share content to social media - step 1: connect Cronycle to your Buffer or Hootsuite account

Once the connection is established, the information in step 1 is modified with the option to disconnect, and you can click on next.

Step 2 – Select social media account(s)

The second step asks you to pick the social media account(s) you want to publish to from this board. So select which accounts you want to share content to – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. All these accounts need to be connected in Buffer or Hootsuite. To add more social media accounts, you need to go to your Buffer or Hootsuite account. You will not see your Instagram accounts, as Cronycle mostly shares links, and not files, which is what Instagram expects.

If you do not select any social media account, nothing will be sent from the board to Buffer or Hootsuite. Note that you cannot send board content to Instagram as this platform only takes images and video files, not links to online content.

share content to social media - step 2: select social media account(s)

If you encounter issues seeing the social media accounts, try disconnecting and reconnecting in step 1.

Once that’s done, you can go to the following step.

Step 3 – Set content to publish

Here, you need to define what type of content you’ll send to Buffer or Hootsuite. The default is Editor Approved. Editor approval lets you enrich and check your content before sending it to your publishing options.

share content to social media - step 3: define what content to send by editor approval or type

The alternative is to select one or several of the different board content types (articles & videos, tweets, Twitter conversations, Story Arcs and/or notes). Content is sent to Buffer / Hootsuite as soon as it is on the board, and it appears in your Buffer or Hootsuite account within seconds. This is fast and effortless, but means you do not have the time to enrich or validate – hence why we recommend using Editor Approval.

Note that uploaded files are not sent outside your organization, so you won’t be able to publish them to Social Media. Contact us if you need this option.

Step 4 – Review & confirm

Everything is ready for you to share curated content to social media via Buffer or Hoostuite. Verify your choices, modify them from any of the past steps if needed, and click on start publishing when you are ready.

You then see a confirmation which you can close, so you can start collecting content.

Step 5 – Get some content ready!

After you have clicked on “Start publishing”, you need to add new content on this board to be sent to Buffer or Hootsuite. Write a summary to introduce your perspective. You can add #tags and @mentions in the summary – they’ll automatically be converted by compatible social media networks.

If you use editor approval, remember to editor approve each piece of content when it is ready, after you add the summary. Content that was editor approved before you did the set up doesn’t get sent to Buffer or Hootsuite.

share editor approved content to social media
Editor approved board content

You can modify your publishing setup any time, by clicking on “Publish”, and “Edit” for the right option. You can also deactivate it. It will suspend sending any content to Buffer or Hootsuite, without loosing the setup. Once you activate again, it sends new content.

Click on Publish on the board to modify the settings

To publish from several boards, repeat the same process, except for Step 1 – Connect. Remember that you can connect to only one Buffer or Hootsuite account per Cronycle account. If you disconnect from one board, it will disconnect for all your boards. But you can select different social media accounts connected to Buffer or Hootsuite, thus sharing content to several Twitter or LinkedIn accounts for example

Note on images

If you are sharing an article with an image visible on the board, we send the link of the complete article to Buffer, which sends it to Twitter/FB/etc… who either manage to extract it, or not. We do not control the image. So there could be no visible image in your queue in Buffer, but an image appearing in Twitter once it is published.

You cannot send your own images to Buffer or Hootsuite from your board. If that is something useful, please contact us.

3- Publish your board to social media via RSS or Zapier

What if you don’t have a Buffer account and don’t want to create one? We have two more options – RSS and Zapier.

Share curated content to social media via RSS

RSS is an industry standard that lets you share a collection of web links in the form of a feed. You are probably familiar with RSS aggregators (like… Cronycle!), which let you collect content from several websites. We have fine tuned our RSS output from boards so that it publishes the links to content on the boards, but also the summaries you write and the Story Arcs (groups of content).

To generate an RSS feed from your board, please refer to this specific RSS tutorial. Once done, copy the URL provided and add it to your tool of choice for managing social media accounts.

Share curated content to social media via RSS

Publish content to social media via Zapier

The last option described in this tutorial is using Zapier – a connector that doesn’t require coding skill. From there, you can connect your Cronycle boards to most social networks and share content to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, social media tools (such as SocialPilot, Sprout Social, Sendible, Stackla, etc.), and automation tools such as Airtable.

The set up is a little longer, as Zapier lets you map content coming from your boards (trigger) to the recipient app (action). Read the full tutorial on this topic with video.

4- Share each individual pieces of content

For this manual approach, use the share icon on the content tiles or in the reader menu.

feed content tile
The share button is in the tile footer in feeds
The share button in the header on boards

In this case, you will see a menu proposing several options to share curated content to:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Email
  • Copy link

From boards, it also reminds you that the publishing options (those mentioned above) can help you save time.

If you select to share content to Twitter, for example, you’ll see that the title and URL are added to a draft tweet which you can edit:

directly share content to social media from the board
Twitter pop-up to share a piece of content’s link

If this does not work with social media apps, check that you allow pop-ups in your browser for Cronycle.

If it doesn’t work when sharing by email, you probably need to authorize your email service to open email links. Check how to fix this for Gmail in this chapter from another tutorial.

Note that, if you have a summary on your board, it will not be shared to all options.

This concludes this post about different ways to share content to social media. Discover all the sharing options on this overview post.

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