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Cronycle makes curating, collaborating and publishing content easy for teams.

Our Mission

We want to improve the way individuals and organisations explore and benefit from knowledge and information. To do so, we empower professional teams with easy access to relevant information, while giving them the ability to easily save, enrich and share curated insights. Ultimately, they can become experts in their own field, support well-informed decisions and grow authority.

Our Goal

We live in a time of fundamental change where the foundations of information are being challenged and traditional rules on how content is created, shared and consumed has been upended. Content is coming with more volume, velocity, and variety. As a result, it has become a time-consuming challenge for marketing teams, analysts, and most information workers to cut through the noise and effectively feed their organisation with relevant knowledge. These insights are critical to inform decisions and/or to engage with their audience.

At Cronycle, we believe it is time to help organizations improve their information workflow by empowering employees with the ability to curate, collaborate, and distribute content in a collective, fast and easy way. This also provides contributors with the opportunity to educate themselves and become experts in their own field. With Cronycle, all this can be done from one place.

Large teams working across multiple time zones, experts collecting insights, marketers looking for inspiration for their next campaign, analysts evaluating insightful data for market decisions or business students collaborating with their classmates can all leverage the Cronycle platform. With users in over 800 cities and a passion for technology and human intelligence, we’d like to think we’re breaking the barrier of time and information overload by turning the access to knowledge into an effective and empathetic journey.


December 2017

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Right Relevance

Right Relevance became part of the Cronycle family to further our data science capabilities with deeper topical content for our users.

July 2016

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Our big investment

We received our A round of funding for over $2.5m from our partner Andurance Ventures.

September 2015

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Product launch

The first iteration of Cronycle went live, since then, thousands of companies have joined Cronycle as their go-to platform for curating content around the web.

July 2013

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The idea was born

Cronycle was started by two entrepreneurs in London who wanted to create a platform to help businesses discover, collect and share digital content.

Our Team

Nicolas Granatino

Nicolas Granatino
CoFounder & Chairman of the Board

Nicolas Granatino started his career in 1995 in London at J.P. Morgan in investment banking. In 2000 he moved to LabMorgan, J.P. Morgan’s e-finance incubator aiming to transform the financial services industry. LabMorgan was an early investor in PayPal and numerous electronic marketplaces. In 2003, he left J.P. Morgan to pursue cancer research at the University of Oxford. In 2011, he returned to the VC world to invest in early stage tech ventures focusing on media/education digital start-ups and blockchain-based startup and co-founded Andurance Ventures. He co-founded Cronycle as he saw an opportunity in the market to make a synthesis between enterprise-level knowledge management platforms and smartphone-constrained applications. Since August 2016, he has worked on digital identities in anticipation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to become effective in May 2018. He firmly believes that this regulation will herald a new privacy by design thinking rather than the prevailing and dominant Big Data one. He is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique in France and holds a D. Phil in Chemistry from the University of Oxford.

Vishal Mishra

Vishal Mishra
CoFounder & CEO

Vishal Mishra worked at Microsoft in various software development and engineering manager roles for over 11 years in Windows, System Center, O365 and Azure. Vishal left Microsoft in 2013 to apply machine learning to extract information and intelligence from unstructured data at very large scale. He is cofounder and CEO of Right Relevance, a startup focusing on mining topic graphs, topical influencers’ graphs and applying them to information search and relevance problems at scale. After the merger of Cronycle and Right Relevance, Vishal took over as CEO of Cronycle to drive the combined vision and execution forward.

Gaurav Taank
VP, Engineering & Operations

Worked as Team member & team leader in both small & large teams. Worked in 30 member conversion of Tank into autonomous vehicle team, to a short 3 member perception system for a different vehicle. Designed & implemented client server communication architectures for message passing between various modules, & image streaming, using TCP & UDP both.
Strong background and proven success in debugging and fixing errors when multiple components are interacting in a distributed fashion.
I am a strong believer of starting with initial designing & getting up functional code, a quick POC & improving on design iteratively. A strong bent for statistics and using various parameters for achieving targets.
I am always looking for opportunities to use my experience and passion for technology for generation of high impact softwares and systems.

Saurabh Sawalia
Chief Revenue Officer

Strong work ethic & rigor in P&L management, Ideation, Technical execution & Monetization while driving convergence between engineering, sales & customer support teams to meet/beat the stated business goals. Demonstrable track record with expansive experience in leading high impact Engineering and Enterprise Sales teams across the US, China, Finland, UK & India over the last 20+ years.

Valérie Pegon
VP, Product & Experience

I am an experience designer, innovation strategist and product manager hybrid. I have been practicing and adapting user-centred design and design thinking for over 15 years, both in-house and as a consultant, mostly in technology, in Finland, the UK and France. Over time I have worked with large companies such as Nokia, Samsung, Microsoft, HP, Orange, Renault, Dassault Systèmes; as well as smaller companies (TomTom, Bowers & Wilkins, Usine IO, Cronycle…) and start-ups. I have worked both on (physical) products and digital services.
I also teach design strategy and design thinking at the “Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship and Arts” master program at EMLyon & Centrale Lyon. My particular interests lie in the benefits to hybridise approaches such as design thinking, systems thinking and agility and the role of design in building successful companies.

Our Advisors & Board Members

Azeem Azhar

Board member

Susan Lovegren


Ankur Singla


Hervé Marchet

Board member

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