combine different sources from many places into Cronycle feeds

How to combine different sources in a Cronycle feed

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This tutorial provides an overview of how to add a series of sources to a Cronycle feed, so you can combine content from different sources and filter.

Table of content

1- What is a feed
2- Cronycle Topics
3- Monitor specific expressions
4- Newsletter subscriptions
5- Twitter sources
– Single Twitter accounts
– Suggestions for Topics
6- Websites & RSS
– Domain
– Website without feed
– Search alerts from Google, Bing, or Reddit
– Other sources, e.g. YouTube, Medium, Stack Overflow…
– Import sources with an OPML file
7- Filter a feed

What is a feed

A Cronycle feed is a customized stream aggregating content from several Cronycle Topics and sources you select. Add your own filters to make a feed personal and specific to your needs – reducing noise and helping you regain control over the information firehose. Learn more

Cronycle Topics

A Cronycle Topic is a smart aggregation of information combining artificial Intelligence and human expertise. We analyse content from millions of online sources that have been identified by our expertise network of 4.6 million entities, identify semantics and surface information relevant to each Topic – content that appears in your feed if you add the Topic.

In the middle search box, type the name of a topic (in English) which you need to monitor content for – e.g. orthopedics. If you don’t find it, try a wider topic. You can preview each Topic to see the content it surfaces and the expertise network. You can also navigate to related Topics. We recommend adding a couple of Topics to your feed for better coverage. Learn more

We use our expertise networks to add in your feed any content mentioning the expression you add (like an alert). This freeform search is a great option to monitor very specific expressions, such as an organization or product name, or a topic in other languages than those supported. Simply add the search term, click on preview (optional), then click on the + icon to add to the feed. It collects content from millions of sources, so the most powerful way to combine different sources at scale. It also helps to get Topic suggestions. Learn more

Newsletter Subscriptions

Newsletters contain a lot of relevant content and are difficult sources to aggregate – not with Cronycle! A special newsletters feed is created, collecting your issues across all your subscriptions. You first need to subscribe to a newsletter using the provided email address (both visible in “Create a feed” and in the Newsletters feed settings). Then look out for incoming emails in the “newsletters” feed, including verification emails. Learn more

Twitter sources

Single Twitter accounts

Add Twitter handles to your feed to follow important accounts and get both tweets and shared articles or videos. To start, search by name (for influencers only), or by @handle, then add to the feed. Learn more

Suggestions for Topics based on Twitter connection

When you connect your Twitter account to Cronycle, you can see suggestions for Topics to add to your feeds. These suggestions are based on whom you follow, our expertise network and Topics semantics. Learn more

Websites & RSS


If you know good online sources, you have three options to add websites, all using the search box, to combine different sources:

  • type the domain in the format “” (do not search the entire URL, nor a specific page).
  • type the name of the source, eg “bbc”
  • find the RSS feed for that page and paste the RSS URL in the search box.

Wait a few seconds for results to appear in the RSS section, and add to the feed. The preview may not be available, so add to the feed anyway. Learn more on how to find the RSS for a web page.

Website without feed

If the web page you want to monitor does not have any feed, you can request our team to generate one to monitor new content. Please fill this form here. This service is included with the Enterprise plan.

Search alerts from Google, Bing, or Reddit

  • For Google Alerts, set the delivery in Google Alert to RSS, and copy-paste the provided URL in the search box to add a source.
  • For Bing, perform a search in Bing, copy-paste the search URL in the search box on this screen and append &format=rss at the end.
  • In the case of Reddit, please read the corresponding section on this tutorial.
  • For Stack Overflow, you can get the RSS corresponding to your account or to a question.

In all cases, wait a couple of seconds for results to appear in the RSS section, and add to the feed. Learn more

Other sources, e.g. YouTube, Medium, Stack Overflow…

Cronycle feeds can read RSS feeds – the industry standard to share links. If you have an RSS link, simply paste the entire URL in the search box, wait a few seconds, and add the result to the feed. Learn more (with tips to find RSS links).

Visit the following dedicated tutorials for these sources:

Import aggregated RSS sources with an OPML file

If you have a library of RSS sources in a content aggregator like Feedly, you can export it as OPML from there, and import it in Cronycle to combine these sources again. Once the file is uploaded, you can either choose to add the sources and manually rebuild feeds from our Sources Library, or automatically re-create the feeds you had within Feedly, within your plan allowance. Learn more

Filter a feed to make it more specific

There are several filters you can apply to separate relevant information from the noise, while not missing out on important pieces. The first you should consider is including and excluding keyword filters, available from the feed menu and settings. Learn more

This concludes this overview post on how to combine different sources into Cronycle feeds which you can filter.

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