How to Swiftly Save Content from Anywhere

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It just got easier and faster to save content from anywhere on the web using Cronycle Content Clippers – content important to you to monitor your industry, learn, curate or keep your audience informed. Our Chrome Content Clipper extension and the Safari version both make it easy and fast to save a web page’s content. The Chrome clipper is compatible with the Microsoft Edge browser too (they share the same extensions).

Like any browser extension our content clippers are only available on computers. Fortunately, our iOS app includes a very similar option to save any content (even photos) directly onto your boards, using the iOS share functionality.

Besides allowing you to save content on pages, both versions also let you grab RSS links to add to your Cronycle library.

What does it mean to “save content from anywhere”?

You probably run into interesting articles, videos and posts on the fly, or in the middle of other tasks. Our Content Clipper lets you save this web content onto Cronycle boards, where they’ll be safe and available for you to access later (even if they are removed from the original site).

Once saved on the board, you can read the full content (without ads) and navigate back to the original piece online. But there are many other things you can do on the board – add tags, summaries, comments for your team members, annotations, and make ready to share via many publishing options.

a Cronycle board to which you can save content from anywhere
Content saved onto a Cronycle board

How to use the Clippers

In both Safari and Chrome / Edge clippers, you first need to install the extension. If the extension icon doesn’t appear (pin for Chrome / Edge, scissors for Safari), you may need to restart your browser. Click on the clipper icon (yellow pin for Chrome / Edge or scissors for Safari) in your browser extension bar. Then log in using your Cronycle account credentials. If you do not yet have a Cronycle account, create an individual account here, or meet with us if you want a team account.

Save content from anywhere with Cronycle Content Clipper
After installing the extension, you need to log in

Once that’s done, navigate as usual to the page from where you want to save web content. For posts, open the post itself in a page (read about the specific case of short LinkedIn posts here).

Next, click on the clipper icon (pin or scissor). You are now invited to select a board. If you only have one board, the Chrome / Edge clipper pre-selects it for you. If you already pinned, the clipper remembers the last board you saved to – a good approximation of where you may want to save to next.

Save web content quickly and easily
With one board, you only need to click save and you’re done!

Once you’ve selected the right board, you can save and the content will be added onto your boards when you refresh it. The Clipper provides a quick link to go there directly.

You can also add tags before hitting save, so you start getting your content organized early on.

Save content from anywhere with tags
Adding tags while saving to a board

Lastly, you can add a comment to the content, for example to inform team members about the value on the content.

Again, this lets you save content from anywhere on the web with our Content Clipper, including tweets, posts, pages, articles, videos, etc. Please contact us if you have any issue saving web content into your Cronycle boards.


In some cases, saving the page fails. If so, first check that your are trying to save a webpage containing an article, post or PDF. For example, the Clipper cannot successfully save an online magazine or e-commerce page.

In some cases, it might be that the page you are trying to clip is already on the board. As we do not allow duplication, no new tile is created. In this situation, a notification appears in the web application, with a link to the previously saved content on the board:

notification avoiding duplication of content when you save content from anywhere

Saving to your board can fail completely – in which case a note is automatically added to your board with the link you tried to save. If you are trying to save a valid piece of content, please contact us using the chat from the web application, and give us the full URL so we can check.

Extraction can succeed but not completely – here, only part of the page is visible on your board reader. In this second case, try to report as broken. If that fails, contact us using the form in report broken.

Grab a page’s RSS

Our Content Clippers have a second functionality – they let you find and save RSS feeds on webpages so you can “follow” them. An RSS feed lets you view many different articles from many different websites in one place. A Cronycle feed is such an aggregation, as it uses RSS feeds amongst other sources.

Navigate to a webpage which may have an RSS. Then, click on the clipper icon (pin or scissors), and next on “Grab RSS”. You’ll then see the RSS feed(s) for this page. Some pages do not have any RSS feeds, while others have many – typically news sites.

Save RSS feed to Cronycle
Save an RSS feed into your Cronycle sources library

Keep the RSS feeds you wish to save selected, and click on Save. This will add the RSS feeds as sources in your sources library. From there, you can create custom aggregated feeds with filters.

RSS feeds in Cronycle Sources library to build aggregated feeds

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