Audit actions in your organisation (Enterprise)

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Cronycle is a business tool for content curation and knowledge, so we support team managers with their analysis of the curation processes and efficiency with means to audit actions in the organisation.

Audit for analysis of the curation processes and efficiency

As you probably noticed, in medium to large teams, it is hard to keep track of what is happening. Fortunately, Audit is here to help managers (with an admin access to Cronycle) to answer questions such as:

  • Has a specific curation board been overlooked?
  • Are we focusing too much energy on a board?
  • What happened with such feed, it seems to have disappeared?
  • Was the onboarding of a new person done properly? Do they have access to the right boards and feeds?
  • Are tags being applied regularly?
  • Is anybody struggling with their curation or the tool?
  • Etc…

While there are as many questions as teams, Audit provides you with the raw data so you can run your analysis relevant to your activity and objectives.

view of the audit table, showing important actions in the organisation.
Audit curation process in Cronycle

The audit can be accessed here or by going to the main menu top left dropdown of options, “Organization admin”, “audit”.

How you can use Cronycle Audit

In practice, the Audit is a relatively simple table logging important actions in your organization. On the table, you can:

  • Sort by column, ascending or descending – just click on the title
  • Filter by time, type or user who did the action to zoom in on specific aspects
  • See more details for some of the actions, by clicking on the action cell
  • Export and download a CSV of what is visible on the screen so you can do more analysis in a worksheet.

If you are doing regular tracking – which some of our customers do – know that there is a maximum of 10,000 actions exported in one CSV. So, depending on the amount of actions in your organisation, you may want to do an export every week, month or couple of months. However, we store the audit data for a maximum of 6 months, so make sure you export often enough so your audit data is not lost

What actions are tracked in the organization audit?

We track actions with the goal to help you with your analysis of the curation processes and efficiency. To support this audit in your organisation, we organized the actions in the following types:

  • Organisation, accounts and invitations: to see changes to users, whether new, changed role, deactivation, transfer…
  • Teams: to see how teams are modified and created
  • Sources: to see the sources added and removed for the libraries
  • Feeds: to see the changes to feeds and the creation of new feeds
  • Boards: to see the modifications and creations of boards, but also pins added
  • Tags: a specific type of actions to help you better analyse tags application
view of the audit table, showing important actions in the organisation. Option to filter by action type

Filter actions by type

While we have many actions in place already, some of the actions listed here will appear progressively. Let us know which ones you think are missing the most, this will help us prioritise and better help you audit actions in your organisation!

Cronycle also has a metrics view of how content is consumed in your organization.

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