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Competitive intelligence tutorials

How to collect competitive intelligence

This post about collecting competitive intelligence (CI) is the second in a series of tutorials describing how to conduct competitive intelligence to gain in efficiency

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Competitive intelligence tutorials

How to monitor sources of competitive intelligence

Welcome to this tutorial on sources of competitive intelligence. For many organizations, the main challenge with competitive intelligence (CI) sounds simple – how to get

Benefits of an inclusive secondary source strategy for competitive intelligence and go to market teams
Competitive Intelligence

The benefits of an inclusive source strategy

As we continue to talk about the importance of having a source strategy, one thing should be clear – a restrictive source pool leads to

The importance of a secondary research source strategy
Competitive Intelligence

Why your source strategy is so important

There are a variety of corporate disciplines – including competitive intelligence, M&A analysts, product marketing, and other go-to-market (GTM) groups – that rely on secondary

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Act on Content - tutorials

How to annotate articles and PDFs

In our quest to make it easier for professionals and teams to make sense of information and curate intelligence from an over-abundance of content, we have constantly

Cronycle Tutorials

Intelligence newsletters made simple, by Cronycle

In this post, we’ll look at intelligence newsletters made simple. In an age of exponential content production and social sharing; collecting, analyzing and sharing valuable