Scan information for market research with the compact list view
Market Intelligence

Quickly scan information for market research

Cronycle provides a new way to quickly scan information for market research in feeds using filtered aggregations of topics and sources. Market research relies on

monitor market with primary sources of information in Cronycle
Knowledge and Learning

How to monitor original sources of information

The lack of media literacy has become a crux for our democracies. The content firehose means it is a challenge in our professional lives too.

illustration of team working on content marketing for sales enablement
Case Studies

Empower Your Sales Enablement Content Strategy

Knowledge professionals are inundated with a higher volume, velocity, and variety of content than ever before, and this is especially true for professionals in market

the power of defaults in a comparison of organ donation consent rates in several countries
Market Intelligence

The Power of Defaults And Why You Should Care

Excellent article about the power of defaults, and how choosing them (or deciding not to chose any) is a very important aspect of product design

illustration about emailing online content and files to your cronycle boards where you can enrich content
Cronycle Tutorials

Email content to save to your boards easily

A Cronycle board is the ideal workspace to save important content, make sense of it, and publish to your audience. There are many ways to

Online business

Things to Know Before Launching An Online Store

Today, the world health crisis has boosted online growth from brick-and-mortar stores. In 2020, it is predicted that eCommerce will grow by approximately 20%. This

subscribe others to your boards to share insights
Cronycle Tutorials

Share insights with subscription boards

Sharing insights is a must-have to get information flowing within and between teams, in particular in cases such as market intelligence, sales enablement and learning

team curation with notifications from boards

Team curation aided with Cronycle notifications

Cronycle boards are a great place for teams to do curation, thanks to a shared workspace, commenting, organization via tags, discussions (aka Crystals), and notifications.

annotation on article in Cronycle boards
Act on Content - tutorials

How to annotate articles and online PDFs

In our quest to make it easier for professionals and teams to make sense of information and curate intelligence from the abundance of content on the web,

View actionable insights on your board (summary, annotations, tags)
Act on Content - tutorials

5 steps to extract actionable insights from content

Advancing from masses of content to intelligence is painstaking work. Cronycle makes it easier to collect, view and extract actionable insights from content saved on

How to curate from Twitter without the noise
Content Curation

How to curate from Twitter without the noise

This post explains how to curate from Twitter without the noise, using Cronycle. The vast majority of information ends up in Twitter, making it a

feed stats to analyze trends
Case Studies

Analyze trends in your market or topic

Cronycle is great for information discovery, filtering, sense-making and sharing, but it also enables teams to analyze trends in their market and areas of interest.

Measure continuous learning engagement
Act on Content - tutorials

Measure continuous learning engagement

In Cronycle, admins can now measure continuous learning engagement with Metrics, and assess how information is being reviewed, read and saved, within the organization. This

Feed sources
Cronycle Tutorials

Modify the sources in your feed

Cronycle feeds aggregate content from different kinds of sources and can easily be modified to include new sources or removed un-necessary ones. Types of sources