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Cronycle board and publishing updates

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We continually work on refining the boards to make all Cronycle curators grow their power and efficiency. Cronycle boards let you save, enrich, filter and publish the content you like – whether it is for sharing in your organization, to the wider public, or simply to use as information for you or your team. Recently, we have done several board & publishing updates that will make you content curation life easier and more productive.

Board list view

We studied the preferences of Cronycle users and noticed that many spend a lot of time scanning through a lot of content. We already knew that to be the case for feeds, where the list view is the most used view. But it was a bit less expected on boards. Some of our users are truly going through a lot of content there, for large chunks of the day. So for the sake of their eyes, we’ve added a list view option into boards.

To switch from the card to list view, or vice versa, click on the eye to the right of the board menu.

Cronycle board content curation list view switch

As you can see below, the board list view does not show as many items as the card view. But it is better for scrolling, as the eye only needs to skim in one direction, vertically. If you do that a lot, consider switching your preference! You can do it per board, or apply across all boards.

Cronycle board curation list view - Board & publishing Updates

Non duplication of content

When we introduced Story Arcs, we decided to keep a duplicate of each piece of content grouped, on the board. Over a year later, when polled, some teams told us that they prefer to keep a duplicate, while others prefer to keep a lean board without the original articles.

So, for our Enterprise users, we have added an option to automatically remove original content from a board once the article or video has been grouped into a story arc.

To switch to the non duplication mode, one of the admin users of the organization needs to go through the following steps:

  • Go to Admin console
  • Then to Configurations
  • Switch off duplication

The effect will apply to all boards, going forward.

If you want to go back to the duplication mode, simply switch on the option in the same place. Again, it will apply to all boards going forward.

Newsletter updates

Another focus for these board & publishing updates is on newsletters, which you can prepare and send from your boards, in Cronycle.

We worked closely with a team who is doing newsletters with Cronycle for internal stakeholders. By the way, this is a great way to keep busy decision makers and project members updated with relevant and timely information!

We did a few updates to enable a little more flexibility for this kind of use case:

1 – The issue number is now optional in the email title. Change your preference in Newsletter > Set up > Settings.

curate content to newsletters set up: issue number

2 – You can decide whether or not to save sections from one issue to the next. Change your preference in Newsletter > Set up > Layout.

curate content to newsletters: save sections. Board & publishing updates

3 – You can now export past issues as PDF documents. To do that, go to Publish > Newsletter > Past Issues. The download button is on the right of each issue in the table.

curate content to newsletters: download past issues - Board & publishing Updates

Publishing options at the organization level

We have now eight options for publishing, to cover most situations you may face.

In practice, we noticed that most organizations use only a couple of options at any one point, across all boards. This is not surprising and results in many options being visible and crowding the publish panel.

So, to avoid publishing by accident and give a calmer experience, we’ve added a means for Admins to hide unnecessary publishing options. This is only available for Enterprise organizations.

The selection of publishing options applies to all users and all boards – with the exception of options already enabled.

To change what options are visible in your organization, follow these steps:

  • Go to Admin console
  • Then to Configurations
  • Continue to Publishing
  • Hide any publishing option not relevant to your contributors
curate and publish content: organization options

The effect is immediate, across all users and all boards. Again, we do not stop publishing options that were previously enabled.

Stay tuned!

For now, that’s all the news on board & publishing updates, but we’ll have more going forward – sign up to our Monthly Product Newsletter!

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