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illustration of team working on content marketing for sales enablement
Case Studies

Empower Your Sales Enablement Content Strategy

Knowledge professionals are inundated with a higher volume, velocity, and variety of content than ever before, and this is especially true for professionals in market

feed stats to analyze trends
Case Studies

Analyze trends in your market or topic

Cronycle is great for information discovery, filtering, sense-making and sharing, but it also enables teams to analyze trends in their market and areas of interest.

Exceldor case study - collective curation informs strategic decisions
Case Studies

Case Study: Exceldor

This case study describes how collective curation informs strategic decisions at Exceldor, a major Canadian food brand. We now have a corporate library of relevant

increased productivity and quality curation
Case Studies

Case Study: Taylor and Francis

This case study describes how collaboration in Cronycle increased productivity and quality in a professional curation team. “Cronycle has provided the Europa team with the

Content curation brings value to students
Case Studies

Content curation for education – Case Study

This case study describes how content curation brings value to instructors and students, and ways to use Cronycle for content curation for education, in a