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Easily publish information collected on boards - cronycle product update
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Easily publish information you collect

This product update describes changes in Cronycle so you can easily publish information you collect and enrich on your boards. There are other apps to

share content to RSS
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How to make an RSS feed from curated content

This tutorial explains how to publish curated content to make an RSS feed from your Cronycle board, both to connect to other tools and to

using editor approval on boards for publishing
Act on Content - tutorials

Using editor approval on boards

Cronycle lets you collect, enrich, comment and publish content in a controlled manner, thanks to Editor approval on boards. This tutorial explain this feature’s value

write and share notes easily with Cronyckle - example to newsletter
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Write and share notes to create short content

When doing content curation – for knowledge development, industry monitoring, publishing, learning or marketing – there always comes a time when an insight needs to

video tutorial to learn how to share content from your board
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Share curated content from your Board (with video)

Welcome to this Cronycle tutorial about sharing information. Cronycle is a great workspace to discover and filter information and extract insights. It provides many ways

Promote your newsletters with past issues
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Easily promote your newsletter

Cronycle helps curators distribute important news right into their audience’s mailbox, without wasting time on set up. Now, it is even easier to promote your

filer content on the newsletter editor using tags
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New filters in the newsletter editor

Cronycle’s newsletters cover the whole curation, preparation and distribution workflow. We have just done an update that will make organizing content easier – filters in

curate and publish content: organization options
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Cronycle board and publishing updates

We continually work on refining the boards to make all Cronycle curators grow their power and efficiency. Cronycle boards let you save, enrich, filter and

Send curated content from Cronycle to Zapier
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Zapier integration with Cronycle

You can now curate content in Cronycle, and send to over 1500 other apps through Zapier. We have just released our Zapier integration for early

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Impact of Effective Curated Newsletters

We live in a connected world with millions of content forms floating on the web to catch our eye. Among this overflowing content, how do

content curation to newsletter using Cronycle
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Curation newsletter templates

Cronycle provides an easy way to publish curated content straight to your audience’s inbox with newsletters. Everything you need to prepare, shape and send your

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A Buffer integration for content curation

Our newest feature to enhance your content curation experience – Social scheduling, we have integrated with Buffer to deliver this to our users.

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Story Arc, summaries, and publishing updates

Feature update to boards and distributing content – We introduce to your story arc’s from within your boards and various new ways of publishing/ sharing your content out to your network and channels.

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How to Boost Brand Awareness Using Social Media

The type of services and products you offer affect the social media platform you should focus on, as well as who your target audience is. Understanding each platform’s reach is essential to your social media strategy […]