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monitor market with primary sources of information in Cronycle
Knowledge and Learning

How to monitor original sources of information

The lack of media literacy has become a crux for our democracies. The content firehose means it is a challenge in our professional lives too.

subscribe others to your boards to share insights
Cronycle Tutorials

Share insights with subscription boards

Sharing insights is a must-have to get information flowing within and between teams, in particular in cases such as market intelligence, sales enablement and learning

annotation on article in Cronycle boards
Act on Content - tutorials

How to annotate articles and online PDFs

In our quest to make it easier for professionals and teams to make sense of information and curate intelligence from the abundance of content on the web,

View actionable insights on your board (summary, annotations, tags)
Act on Content - tutorials

5 steps to extract actionable insights from content

Advancing from masses of content to intelligence is painstaking work. Cronycle makes it easier to collect, view and extract actionable insights from content saved on

Measure continuous learning engagement
Act on Content - tutorials

Measure continuous learning engagement

In Cronycle, admins can now measure continuous learning engagement with Metrics, and assess how information is being reviewed, read and saved, within the organization. This

Act on Content - tutorials

Exchange and grow knowledge with Crystals

Cronycle’s Crystals are a great way to exchange and grow knowledge within organizations, in a trusted team. Cronycle empowers its users to keep up with

Filter relevant information
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How to filter information using Cronycle feeds

We are all faced with too much information to keep up with. The amount of available content online is growing exponentially. This puts a tremendous

Knowledge and Learning

Top influencers of 2019, across 150 topics

Cronycle is sharing a series of top 20 influencers lists for 150 topics – using our technology and a lot of data from 2019.  Data-driven

enjoy reading while curating with peaceful and comfortable reader
Knowledge and Learning

Enjoy reading while curating

Cronycle’s new content reader will make you enjoy reading while curating. We have optimized our content reader for fast and comfortable reading, while also integrating

Content curation brings value to students
Case Studies

Content curation for education – Case Study

This case study describes how content curation brings value to instructors and students, and ways to use Cronycle for content curation for education, in a

Filter information in a library
Knowledge and Learning

On the importance of filtering information

In my second post in this series on information management, I will explore filtering as an important part of making knowledge flows valuable for individuals

Content Sharing

Impact of Effective Curated Newsletters

We live in a connected world with millions of content forms floating on the web to catch our eye. Among this overflowing content, how do