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monitor design trends from Pinterest
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How to monitor design trends from Pinterest

Pinterest is a treasure trove when it comes to discovering and monitoring interior and other design trends. However, it has significant limitations if you need

market intelligence alerts
Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence Alerts

Because it’s absolutely critical that you be the first to know about new developments happening inside and outside your market, Cronycle now offers real-time alerts

Share insights from Cronycle to Salesforce chatter
Market Intelligence

How to share insights with Salesforce

This tutorial describes how you can share insights from your secondary research in Cronycle to Salesforce Chatter groups. This is a great way to make

Scan information for market research with the compact list view
Market Intelligence

Quickly scan information for market research

Cronycle provides a new way to quickly scan information for market research in feeds using filtered aggregations of topics and sources. Market research relies on

monitor market with primary sources of information in Cronycle
Knowledge and Learning

How to monitor original sources of information

The lack of media literacy has become a crux for our democracies. The content firehose means it is a challenge in our professional lives too.

illustration of team working on content marketing for sales enablement
Case Studies

Empower Your Sales Enablement Content Strategy

Knowledge professionals are inundated with a higher volume, velocity, and variety of content than ever before, and this is especially true for professionals in market

the power of defaults in a comparison of organ donation consent rates in several countries
Market Intelligence

The Power of Defaults And Why You Should Care

Excellent article about the power of defaults, and how choosing them (or deciding not to chose any) is a very important aspect of product design

Filter relevant information
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How to filter information using Cronycle feeds

We are all faced with too much information to keep up with. The amount of available content online is growing exponentially. This puts a tremendous