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video tutorial to learn how to share content from your board
Content Sharing

Share curated content from your Board (with video)

Welcome to this Cronycle tutorial about sharing information. Cronycle is a great workspace to discover and filter information and extract insights. It provides many ways

using editor approval on boards for publishing
Act on Content - tutorials

Using editor approval on boards

Cronycle lets you collect, enrich, comment and publish content in a controlled manner, thanks to Editor approval on boards. This tutorial explain this feature’s value

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Intelligence newsletters made simple, by Cronycle

In this post, we’ll look at intelligence newsletters made simple. In an age of exponential content production and social sharing; collecting, analyzing and sharing valuable

manage subscribers for newsletters
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Manage newsletter subscribers in Cronycle

Cronycle allows you to prepare, format and send reports and curated newsletters as emails to your stakeholders, directly from your boards. This tutorial explains how

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Share relevant content to Slack using Cronycle

Share relevant content from your Cronycle boards onto your Slack workspace, and / or receive notifications in Slack to work as a team. This page explains the

Share content to grow authority
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How to publish content to WordPress from your boards

The Cronycle Content Plugin enables you to easily publish posts on your WordPress website, using the content you collect on your Cronycle boards. Cronycle’s all-in-one

share curated content to social media
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4 ways to share curated content to social media

This tutorial describes several ways to share curated content and short original text to social media. Cronycle is a one-stop shop for all your content

share content to RSS
Content Sharing

How to make an RSS feed from curated content

This tutorial explains how to publish curated content to make an RSS feed from your Cronycle board, both to connect to other tools and to

Share insights from Cronycle to Salesforce chatter
Market Intelligence

How to share insights with Salesforce

This tutorial describes how you can share insights from your secondary research in Cronycle to Salesforce Chatter groups. This is a great way to make

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Export insights and curated content from boards

Cronycle boards are a great place to collect and make sense of information. It is also where you can extract and analyze insights, harvest knowledge

subscribe others to your boards to share insights
Cronycle Tutorials

Share insights with subscription boards

Sharing insights is a must-have to get information flowing within and between teams, in particular in cases such as market intelligence, sales enablement and learning