collaborate on information discovery as a team on Cronycle feeds

Empower teams to collaborate on information discovery, with feeds

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Market and secondary research is best done in teams – and Cronycle is a great way to empower teams to collaborate on information discovery, with feeds.

Leverage the collective intelligence

Talking with our customers, we found that collaboration, and in particular leveraging a team’s or organization’s collective intelligence, is great for several reasons (that can happen simultaneously):

  • Inform decision making with more diverse points of views. We actually have a great case study on this.
  • Inspire innovation: here again, diversity is key to reach innovative ideas and does not happen with new information.
  • Develop knowledge and empower members to share expertise and information, particularly important to grow market intelligence and avoid blindspots.
  • Collect diverse and relevant content for content marketing purpose, in particular to improve SEO, engage with customers using newsletters or social media.

In all cases, having more eyes to collaborate on information discovery is a good way to avoid blindspots.

A fully collaborative information workflow

Cronycle has always been about collaboration. For teams with the Enterprise plan, this mostly happens on:

  • boards: to save, enrich and publish content – learn more about this here
  • tags: to use a common vocabulary to organize and find content
  • the source library – to share and organize content sources within the team.
  • feeds, where you discover information, aggregate from many diverse sources and filter – covered in this tutorial

What it means to collaborate on information discovery in feeds

Cronycle feeds empower teams to add collaborators and modify sources and filters.

Once I add Vishal to my feed, he can view the same content as me, but also modify the keyword filters, collaborators and sources. As the feed owner, I am the only one who can make this feed public or delete it. The content type filter (All / articles & videos / conversations, etc), filter by seen/unseen is personal. But everything else is shared.

For example, we can even decide on a common default board to pin/save to, as a team. This way, every information we save will automatically go to that common board, in one click (exceptions are allowed). To do that, simply set a default board to pin to, and all feed contributors will get the same default. If needed, they will also be added as collaborators to the board, so the team collaborates on information discovery throughout the workflow.

Setting a default board to pin to on a collaborative feed
Setting a default board to pin to, from a team feed

In a team feed, each person can bring their own sources. If Vishal joins my feed, adds his sources and, later on, leaves the feed; his sources will be removed from my feed – unless we are in an organization with source pooling on, or unless another feed contributor has the same source in their library. But no worries: as the feed owner, I will receive an email informing me about the missing sources.

As a result, Cronycle empowers teams to truly collaborate on content, through the complete workflow of information discovery, curation, sense-making and publishing. The team members can collectively keep an eye on news, share the load, or bring their own judgement to the same content.

How to add collaborators to collaborate on information discovery in feeds

To make a team feed, you simply invite others to join you to an existing feed, using the “users” button next to your avatar, on the feed menu. For that, you need an Enterprise plan, suited for teams.

It opens a side panel which shows current feed collaborators, and a button to add collaborators from users in your organization:

Invite others to collaborate on your feed

If you want to invite new members to your organization, you need to have admin rights, go to the admin console (from the top menu), and invite them by email. Once they’ve created their account, you can add them to your feeds. Learn more about inviting and managing users in your organization from this detailed tutorial.

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