Cronycle vs the Competitors

Cronycle vs Competitors

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Amidst the growing noise and saturation in the marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to stand out. Trusted, relevant intelligence can be difficult to produce, yet is absolutely critical in enabling corporate strategists, decision-makers and revenue teams to compete. There are a lot of market and competitive intelligence platforms available that aim to address this problem. This article compares Cronycle side-by-side with other platforms to help you select the right one for your organization.

Compare Market Intelligence Platforms


Cronycle is an AI-powered, all-in-one market and competitive intelligence platform that enables corporate development, marketing, products and sales enablement teams to discover, harvest and share insights with ease. Cronycle leverages AI and human intelligence (field experts across 80,000+ topics) to surface new and emerging information (including articles, documents, conversations, and more) that other platforms often miss. Cronycle keeps teams informed and allows them to collaborate, share knowledge, and make better decisions fast and with far less effort.

Cronycle for teams starts at $395/month (up to 5 users).

Cronycle Industry Intelligence Platform
  • Pre-curated topics with content from multiple sources.
  • Thought leader discovery for each topic.
  • Basic and advanced boolean filters.
  • Boards for collaboration and producing insights.
  • Multiple publishing options to all social media channels, messaging apps, email automation platforms, or your website CMS.
  • Clipper plugin to save content from anywhere to your Boards.
  • Individual plan has reduced number of feeds, topics, and available boards than the enterprise edition
  • Analytic reports are manually generated 
  • Users must manually tag and group content – functionality doesn’t currently exist to auto-tag


Klue is a competitive enablement platform for product marketers and enterprise sales teams. It has competitor tracking capabilities that enable you to deliver intel to sales. All of its features, from competitor tracking and collaborating with teams to updating sales battlecards and delivering curated insights to sales, are aimed toward centralizing all competitive content into a single platform.

Klue’s base plan for enterprises starts at $1,400/month.

Compare the cost of Klue with other platforms
  • Up-to-date sales battlecards.
  • Collaboration features in team feeds and competitor boards.
  • Automatically tracks competitor profiles, messaging, and mentions in media.
  • Wide range of filters and categories.
  • Beacon plugin to track changes in competitors’ website pages.
  • No pre-curated topics for content discovery.
  • Very limited publishing/sharing options.
  • No metrics for content trends.


Sharpr is an insights platform that is focused on creating a central knowledge hub. It offers knowledge management with a searchable insights database for market and competitive intelligence. Sharpr acts as a hub for collecting research from internal and external sources from which insights can be extracted.

Sharpr starts at $10,000/year (up to 5 users) along with a one-time setup fee estimated to be around $2,000.

Compare cost of Sharpr and with other platforms
  • Centralized knowledge hub with searchable insights.
  • Mobile Sharp It! Tool to save content from anywhere to your insight hub.
  • Full indexing of all documents on users’ drives and platforms to aggregate content in the knowledge management hub.
  • Collaboration features like commenting, tagging, and mentioning team members.
  • Reports to view and share keyword/query metrics.
  • No content discovery or thought leader discovery.
  • No social media or RSS feeds publishing options.
  • Limited content aggregation from social media sources. 


Intelligence2day is a competitive intelligence software that aggregates and organizes a variety of external and internal content sources in one single place. It is good for turning large volumes of unstructured data into digestible information and actionable insights.

The base plan starts at $1,499/month (5 users).

Compare cost of Intelligence2day with other platforms
  • Topic maps for content discovery with customizable sub-topics.
  • Graphs to track competitor activity.
  • Trend cluster to show trending themes and keywords relevant to a searched topic.
  • Search engine with filtering options.
  • Shared dashboards for collaborating with teams.
  • Multiple publishing options like newsletter sharing, messaging apps sharing, and generating reports.
  • No thought leader discovery.
  • No CRM integration to share content.
  • No social media sharing.


Buzzsumo is a content discovery and monitoring platform that finds best-performing content on the web, based on keyword searches. It is focused on monitoring content performance, discovering trends, and identifying influencers.

Buzzsumo’s pro plan starts at $99/month (5 users).

Buzzsumo homepage
  • Topic explorer to discover trending content, questions, and content suggestions.
  • Influencer discovery by topic.
  • Wide range of graphs and metrics to monitor content as well as competitors’ content performance.
  • Multiple integrations to share content on social media.
  • Cannot upload documents and files.
  • Limited collaboration features. Does not include features like annotating, summarizing, or tagging.
  • No other publishing options apart from social media, Slack, and email.

Contify for Teams

Contify for teams – starts at $468/month

Contify is a market and competitive intelligence tool for monitoring competitors, customers, and industries. It is mainly aimed toward tracking competitor activity and creating visual insights and reports that can be shared with teams.

Contify home page
  • Competitor monitoring via social media, news websites, information databases, and company websites.
  • Multiple filtering options.
  • Tags like topic, company, source, and location are auto-assigned to content.
  • Up-to-date graphs and widgets in dashboards to monitor competitors.
  • Report generation via customizable widgets.
  • Human curation services to keep widgets updated.
  • Scarce collaboration features.
  • No pre-curated topics for content/trend discovery.
  • No thought leader discovery.
  • No sharing/publishing options apart from newsletter sharing.


Meltwater is a media monitoring and social listening platform that functions around monitoring keyword searches. It offers the creation of dashboards that are centered around searches. Dashboards contain widgets that show various visual insights to understand market sentiment and monitor media, news, and social media coverage.

Meltwater starts at $4,000/year.

Meltwater homepage
  • Unlimited keyword monitoring across multiple channels.
  • Influencer discovery based on relevance/authority.
  • Wide variety of widgets in dashboards to track/monitor trends and metrics.
  • Basic and advanced boolean filters.
  • Reports can be configured to generate automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Social media posts can be scheduled using the publishing calendar and users can interact with engagements across social media channels.
  • Cannot clip and save content from anywhere on the web.
  • No newsletter curation.
  • Cannot upload files and documents.
  • Limited collaboration functionality with no @ tagging or mentioning features.
  • No CRM or CMS integration.

Competitive Feature Comparison

Compare content discovery features on market intelligence tools
Compare aggregation features on market intelligence platforms
Compare insight extraction on market intelligence platforms
Compare insights portability on market intelligence platforms
Compare market intelligence platform costs


Some market and competitive intelligence platforms choose not to publish pricing and features publicly. The information contained in this article is derived from research that is believed to be accurate as of October 2021.

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