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Succeed in your digital transformation by becoming a continuously learning organization, using curation.

Curate for Education & Learning Feed

Continuous, collective, contextual

Unstructured content, which accounts for 40% of learning, is growing exponentially. Employees need to make sense of a fast-changing and complex world, whilse continuing to deliver on day-to-day business needs. Unfortunately, most do not have the skills, time and tools to leverage information, let alone collaborate or cooperate on it. 

With Cronycle, individuals and teams can grow knowledge exponentially by monitoring and filtering topicssaving information to read later, making sense of content and then sharing it with others.

Use it to:

# Build a personal knowledge repository
# Grow and search collective knowledge
# Monitor technologies & trends
# Discover & reach out to thought leaders
# Create learning pathways
# Provide references to learn more
# Share content to other apps

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