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An alternative to Nuzzel better adapted to professional use

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Nuzzel shut down earlier this month after Twitter acquired it. There was an attempt to integrate it into Scroll, which has so far been unsuccessful. Nuzzel was useful for monitoring information flowing through Twitter, as most useful information eventually tends to flow through Twitter. It was an easy way to limit the information firehose from one channel—a major challenge nowadays. Fortunately, Cronycle is a better—and even smarter—alternative to Nuzzel, helping you manage the information firehouse from countless channels!

Nuzzel had its flaws, primarily the risk of closing yourself in a bubble. Indeed, it was allowing you to monitor only news shared by your friends and their friends. This isn’t ideal for keeping an open mind and avoiding blindspots. We already have strong bias when scanning through information, so adding an algorithm to reinforce such bias is highly risky, particularly in the professional context of market research, content marketing and product innovation.

screenshots of Nuzzel for which Cronycle is a smart alternative
Nuzzle interface with news from friends and different options that used to be available

Why is Cronycle a smart alternative to Nuzzel?

A wider set of sources

Illiustration showing how Cronycle aggregates information from a wider set of sources than Nuzzel, with Twitter, Cronycle Topics, RSS and newsletters

While most information eventually does end up on Twitter, relying on that platform alone puts you at risk of missing critical content reserved to industry newsletters (which you can receive and process in Cronycle) and you may want it faster from its source, such as through RSS. Cronycle feeds aggregate information from a wide net of sources, and lets you add your own filters which you control.

Focus on the important news – from the experts’ perspective

screenshot of interface with example of the community of experts for the topic of infectious diseases, part of the Cronycle expertise network

Information is surfaced by Topics thanks to Cronycle’s expertise network. Cronycle helps you manage the information overload by allowing you to easily filter, search and organize content. Cronycle’s AI-powered discovery platform analyzes approximately 400 million experts and influencers across more than 80,000 topics daily, constantly assessing and ranking their relevance, then surfacing the most important and most relevant 2% of content you need to know about. Thanks to the expertise network, Cronycle filters out the noise so you don’t have to spend time sorting through tons of low-value content. Of course, you always have the flexibility of adding additional influencers and sources to your feeds depending on your unique focus and needs.

Be alerted about important information

Nuzzel’s other value was in the ability to add alerts for important information, based on how many friends shared. Cronycle feeds come with a daily digest, collecting a set of important news. However, we’ll have news about alerts very soon, so stay tuned as this will make Cronycle an even stronger alternative to Nuzzel!

Curate your own newsletters

Cronycle's simple drag & drop newsletter editor interface

Cronycle has this covered with a complete workflow to save, make sense of, and share information as newsletters with an integrated editor and sender. You can even host your newsletter publicly for others to read and subscribe to.

If you want to try Cronycle as an alternative to Nuzzel for your team, request a demo. If you are working alone on monitoring information, create an individual Cronycle account.

Discover the power of Cronycle for Teams

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