illustration about the cronycle content API options for market intelligence, such as the board content search API

Discover the Cronycle Content APIs for Enterprise

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Cronycle’s market intelligence and content insights platform gives you access to the information you need now so you can focus on what matters most. And with Cronycle content APIs, your organization can use news and Cronycle content streams inside the systems and applications where you most critically need it. It makes it easy to inform key business decisions, drive continuous learning, and share knowledge across teams.

Enterprises and application integrators benefit tremendously from Cronycle APIs for market intelligence and content marketing, making it a great competitive intelligence API choice. Our API set provide real-time access to high-value news and information surfaced and shared through our AI-powered discovery engine. Information is aggregated by topic, vetted by field experts, and filtered to cut out the noise.

What makes the content available via Cronycle content APIs so uniquely valuable is our powerful discovery engine, the ability to add trusted sources (RSS, Twitter and newsletters) and advanced filters that go far beyond a simple keyword search:

  • Dynamic Discovery: Cronycle surfaces relevant content across more than 80,000 Topics and events shared by 2.7 million entities and on 189 million websites using both AI and human expertise. Discovery is dynamic rather than source-based, ensuring you never miss important new voices and sources. Plus, recommendations of related, alternative Topics and semantics continually improve and refine discovery.
  • Advanced Filtering: Cut the noise and get to the most important information with better filters. Use an intuitive UI for advanced filtering by keyword including boolean combinations and targeted exclusions. Filter by language across nine of the most popular global business languages, as well as by content type, domain, publishing date range, most shared and top influencers. Focus on high-value content more easily thanks to Cronycle’s robust filtering of junk data and harmful content.

Drive Market Intelligence Across the Organization with Cronycle APIs

With seamless integration of valuable content into your enterprise systems and applications, you’ll drive quicker decision making and realize better outcomes. You’ll create an organization-wide knowledge base, facilitating individuals and teams to work more efficiently, eliminate redundant research, and take action from a place of deeper understanding. Consider the benefits of layering highly targeted news and information streams via API into enterprise applications like these:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System: Improve the customer experience and drive profitable interactions with relevant, timely information about your market, category, and prospects.
  • Learning/Knowledge Management System: Enhance contextual understanding, increase retention, and improve applications by augmenting course content that ages quickly with recent knowledge.
  • Intranet Portals: Create a powerful shared mindset on strategic issues, core challenges, and key opportunities by distributing knowledge streams widely across teams and departments. For example, use the most appropriate API to stream insights from your competitive intelligence program to sales teams.
  • Software Solutions Providers: If you are a software solutions provider, APIs will help you add value to your offerings. Integrate Cronycle content with your solutions and empower your customers to better improve their communications, research, decision making and product designs. We’re happy to work with you to set up the APIs you need to maximize your value-add.

Cronycle APIs are reserved for Enterprise API customers and require authentication using tokens.

Cronycle API Types

Our team will help you set up any of the Cronycle API we offer to stream news and insights to your systems: 

Cronycle Content Search API: This API offers real-time access to topically aggregated information that has been shared by individuals with field expertise over the prior six-month period. Even if you have not set up a Cronycle feed, you can still receive the same powerful search results served up by our discovery engine and refined by keyword filters. Results include content type, full copy, URL, and more. View documentation.

Cronycle Feed API: This API offers real-time access to the content streams captured in your Cronycle feeds over the prior six-month period. In addition to being topically aggregated and vetted by field experts, information streams are the results of your Cronycle feed configurations supporting custom sources and newsletters, advanced boolean filters, language filters, and more. Prepare and adjust the feed configuration in the user-friendly Cronycle feed visual interface. View documentation.

Cronycle Boards Enterprise API: Real-time access to the information your team has saved and enriched within Cronycle boards, including full text, URLs, notes, summaries, tags, and more. View documentation.

Have questions? Please Contact Us for more details about any of our content marketing and competitive intelligence API.

Discover the power of Cronycle for Teams

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