monitor and curate from newsletter subscriptions

Monitor and curate from newsletter subscriptions

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You can monitor industry newsletters within Cronycle, easily curate, explore content cited and collect insights from your favourite subscriptions.

Newsletters provide a manageable amount of information with a point of view and/or expertise of the curator. In addition, many apps, such as scholar literature services, offer email digests to provide highlights or updates per day or week. These are extremely valuable sources of information but very hard to leverage when they land in a mailbox. Instead, use Cronycle to discover, harvest and even share insights from your favourite newsletters and email digests.

How to receive newsletter subscriptions in Cronycle

Start by going to to your feeds. Click on the feed named “newsletter – subscriptions”. This will open an empty feed and highlight the email address we provide you in the settings panel on the right (copy on the cog wheel if it doesn’t appear). Copy the email address, go to any newsletter subscription form, and use it to subscribe.

empty newsletter feed with email address to use to subscribe and receive newsletter issues in Cronycle
The newsletter feed before any email is received, with the email address

Alternatively, you can find the same email address by clicking on Create a feed. To the right, you will see a section titled “Subscribe to newsletters”. Expand it to view and copy the same email address.

As soon as the first email is received, it will appear in the newsletter feed. We also send you an email and in-app notification to inform you when it has been received. Note that this can take a couple of days, depending on the pace of your subscriptions. However, in most cases, the first email comes almost immediately, with the request to confirm the address or a simple welcome message.

The newsletter feed aggregates all the newsletter issues and email digests, regardless of the sender. When you load the feed, you’ll see your subscription email address on the right in the feed settings, with the option to copy it to use it again for other subscriptions.

newsletter feed with received emails to curate from newsletter subscriptions and monitor for industry insights
The newsletter feed with issues received

How to curate and harvest insights from newsletter subscriptions?

Insights in the email

While some newsletters are digest pointing to other content online (see next section), many are crafted perspectives on a subject matter with a high potential for insightful information. When that’s the case, you can “pin” the email itself to one of your boards.

pin button to save an email to a board
Pin button to save an email to a board (also available from the email reader)

Once pinned on a board, a note appears, containing all the text in the email, without a few links like unsubscribe, subscribe and share to Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn. Images and icons are also removed, to only keep the text. If there are links inline with text, these will remain in the text note, thanks to the rich text formatting.

the rich text note on a board containing all the text with links from the email pinned
An email saved as a rich text note on a board, before editing

Lastly, text notes on boards are fully editable, so you can easily clean off any section you do not need, trimming it down to key insights you can share – like any other note, to WordPress, Microsoft Teams, Buffer, Hootsuite, Zapier, Slack, or a newsletter. Only the RSS option is incompatible, which is expected as the original content is not an online page or post.

the rich text note editor to trim down the email down to the key insights
Editing a rich text note made from an email to trim it down to key insights

Content cited

A majority newsletters include links to content available online. These are often interesting reads you want to save for later. In this case, use a “Read it Later” board which you can use to temporarily “park” potentially relevant content. This way, it will remain available to you indefinitely. Once you are ready, you can copy it across to another board, leave it there, or remove it.

Alternatively, you may want to read the content immediately in Cronycle, without the distraction of adverts.

Back in the newsletter feed. When you click on a link within an issue, you get two options-

pin links cited in an email
Pinning links from the newsletter issues to save to boards

Pin to a board

This option saves the article onto your board of choice. Once that’s done, you will see a tile preview on the right of the issue.

Link from newsletter saved onto board to curate and monitor information
Link from newsletter saved onto a board, with board tile preview on the right

Click on the title within the tile preview on the right, and the article opens in the board reader:

Open pinned tile from newsletter to read, annotate, tag, etc
Once opened, the linked content can be read, annotated, tagged, etc.

In some cases, the content is difficult to extract – for example if there is a paywall (need for a subscription like the FT) or log in (such as LinkedIn). In these cases, you are invited to go to the original source (we inform you and provide a link), and use the content clipper – as shown in the next section. If you have a subscription giving you access to the full content, only our content clipper will be able to save the content to your board. So in all situations, you will be able to curate from your newsletter subscriptions.

This opens the original content, in its original source. From there, if you like it, you can save it to a board using our content clipper, available for Chrome / Edge and Safari.

Cronycle content clipper to save links opened in a new tab
Using the Content Clipper extension to save links

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