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Cronycle boards are a great way to curate articles and videos – and we’ve made them better at curating posts – tweets, LinkedIn posts and articles. This update follows collaboration with several customers.

Curate Twitter Posts

The first customer curates news for a new employee advocacy program. A team of curators collects relevant and interesting news on topical Cronycle boards. These are made available internally to subscribers. The participating employees get access to a set of boards in Cronycle, based on their interests. From their Cronycle account, they can easily tweet any content they identify as resonating with them and their audience. They can also comment other users on the board.

We worked with the head of the program to improve the workflow and how tweets are saved on boards.

Cronycle’s content clipper extension, available for Chrome and Safari, is perfect for saving tweets onto boards. Simply open the tweet in Twitter, click on the clipper extension icon, select a board, and save.

curate posts from twitter - tweet page and content clipper

Within a few seconds, the tweet appears on the board and can be seen comfortably in our reader.

curate posts from twitter - tweet in board and reader

Act on Curated Tweets

We’ve created a new category of board content, specifically for tweets. This enables you to curate these posts, filter them on the boards, and also decide wether or not to publish them.

Tweets can be published to several options –  newsletterBuffer, HootsuiteSlack, RSS, and Zapier, our WordPress plugin and Microsoft Teams.

In the case of the employee advocacy program, the participants can easily share tweets. Within Twitter, there are two options – direct retweet of the original post, or tweet with comment (aka quoted tweet).

However, content curation is most powerful (and useful) when the curator introduces the content in a way relevant to their audience. On the board, the curator can adds a “summary” to add this contextual meaning to the tweet.

curate posts from twitter - add meaning in summary

The text of that “summary” is visible in the board for the subscribers. It helps quickly grasp the value of the tweet. Last but not least, we automatically add the “summary” as the comment when sharing as a “tweet with comment”. It can of course be edited.

curate posts from twitter - tweet with comment using the summary

As a result, this workflow makes it very efficient for curators to collect content, including tweets. And employee advocacy participants easily review proposed content and amplify the relevant items.

Curate LinkedIn Articles & Posts

The second collaboration is with a startup looking at keeping their investors informed more regularly. The company regularly publishes updates on LinkedIn, as posts or articles. They wanted to collect all these in one place, alongside relevant industry news.

However, due to the closed nature of LinkedIn, these original pieces of content were difficult to collect and curate. The update took care of that, making post curation efficient.

How to Curate LinkedIn Articles and profiles

Like for tweets, Cronycle’s content clipper extension, available for Chrome and Safari, is perfect for collecting LinkedIn articles and profiles (individuals and companies). Open the article in LinkedIn, click on the clipper extension icon, select a board and save.

curate posts from linkedIn - article page and content clipper

Within a few seconds, the article or profile appears on your board, with their image.

curate posts from linkedIn - article on the board

These LinkedIn articles and profiles can then be shared like any other article.

It always links back to the original content on LinkedIn, making sure the original author gets the views. In this case, we improved how our clipper collects the article so it is complete and easy to understand.

How to Curate LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn posts behave differently. They do not open in a page of their own. Therefore, our content clipper is not able to extract the post. So we worked on an alternative so you can curate posts to your boards.

From the options ... of that LinkedIn post, select “Copy link to post”.

curate posts from linkedIn - copy url

Paste this link into a new tab to open a page dedicated to the post. Now, click on the clipper extension icon, select a board and save. The tile will appear on the board, and our reader will show its content:

curate posts from linked in - complete post on board in reader

We’ve worked with the main curator to improve how our system collects the post information. Because posts do not have any title, we use the first part of the post as a title. The author, date and source (LinkedIn) are all retrieved.

As a result, these updates enable these two customers curate posts and make sure all relevant stakeholders get the right information when needed, with the right action at their fingertips.

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