Curation for healthcare communities

Empower patients and medical professionals to monitor and curate healthcare news for their communities with timely access to accurate, trustworthy health and medical information, in one place.

Curate to monitor healthcare news such as virus outbreaks and vaccine

Timely, accurate, trustworthy

The ever-increasing scale of information, the dynamism of information sources, and the lack of trust measures are huge challenges for medical and healthcare information curators. Cronycle enables you to manage information at scale thanks to its semantics-based relevance (powered by our Right Relevance AI).  Trust in content that is built-in via the expertise network covering more than 80k topics.

Curate to monitor healthcare news by filtering what’s most relevant, making sense of information and sharing from a dedicated workspace, alone or as a team.

Use it for monitoring:

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# Covid-19 Monitoring

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Past issues of Coronadaily, with content curated in Cronycle on Covid-19 1st wave

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