easily collect online pdf documents

Easily collect and save online PDF documents

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It is difficult to collect & save online PDF – this is unfortunate because a lot of knowledge is available these documents, such as research articles. We have just done an update to help our users save online PDF documents and take them through the same enrichment and sharing workflow as articles.

Before, when clipping an online PDF document, we would upload a copy of the PDF file to your board. As a result, the document was impossible to share or publish, except to board collaborators within your Cronycle organization.

Now, when clipping an online PDF document, we add it as a link to the original content, like articles on your board. This means you can share, or publish it to any of our 8 options, such as newsletters.

The only drawback is that the integrated PDF reader doesn’t work anymore (we only show plain text). But no worries, you are still one click away from the PDF in the original source.

And if you really need a PDF as a file to read directly on your board, you can always download the original PDF and upload it onto your board. Uploaded PDFs continue to work as before – they cannot be shared outside your organization.

This way, not only can you collect & save online PDF, but you can also keep them organized and use them in your curation!

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