Promote your newsletters with past issues

Grow your newsletter audience using your past issues and a simple subscription form

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Cronycle helps curators distribute important news right into their audience’s mailbox, without wasting time on set up. Now, it is even easier to promote your newsletters, so you can grow your audience. And once again, our goal is to make it fast and efficient so you can focus on content.

Past issues – the best assets to promote your newsletter

A successful newsletter needs to be relevant, interesting and intriguing to your audience. Getting there can take a few trials. Thankfully, Cronycle makes it incredibly fast to prepare and send newsletters – using the content you curate for your research, reading or monitoring.

Once you have sent a couple of issues you are happy with, and get positive feedback about, it is time to promote. To help you do that, we are now letting you show past newsletters on the subscription page. From there, issues can be clicked and read. Each issue has a unique URL, so you can even promote newsletter issues independently, through social media for example.

Promote your newsletters here showing an example of a past issue, with the option to subscribe

How to make past issues visible on the subscription page to grow your newsletter audience?

There is a simple switch to enable past issues on your subscription page. Because some of you use Cronycle newsletters as a confidential way to deliver news to a very specific audience (such as collaborators), we made the default private.

So, to display past issues, go to your board > Newsletter > Set up > Promote. The blue pop up below here points right at the switch. In this case (green switch), I have turned the past issues to be visible.

Promote your newsletters with the switch to make the past issues visible on the subscription page. This helps grow newsletter subscribers.

The calendar below lets you set a date beyond which the past issues will not be shown. This will help you safely explore before going all out with your newsletters promotion!

If you want to go back to a private mode again, where you do not display past issues on the subscription page, switch off the past issues in the newsletter set up wizard. You can also change oldest issue date any time.

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