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Editable tag list to keep content organized

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Cronycle provides a full content curation workflow, that includes organizing curated content. We noticed that managing tags is difficult enough for one person, and very quickly gets out of hand in teams. We worked with some of our customers to provide teams a way to have a controlled taxonomy, applied across the organisation.

Admin users can control a single tag list across their organisation. Such a system is necessary to keep a tight and meaningful taxonomy. The editable tag list helps you keep content organized on your boards with filters, but also have a consistent set of tags for SEO if you publish the content to your website (for example with our WordPress plugin).

What is an organization tag list

If you are using Cronycle for content curation and have an Enterprise subscription, you may have noticed that admin users can set up the list of tags. When that is done, only those listed tags can be applied to content – across all boards within your organization.

list of tags taxonomy is enforced when I add tags to content on the board

Build your first list of tags

To start to keep content organized, head to the admin console dedicated page (only accessible to Enterprise admin users).

keep content organized - switch on the tags list option

Then switch on the option and simply start adding tags in the list.

taxonomy in the form of a list of tags to keep content organized
taxonomy in the form of an editable list of tags to keep content organize

However, you may not start from scratch. If you want to see the list of tags used across all the boards you have access to, try a search across all boards (from the search in any boards). The tag filter will show the list. Note that is only covers the boards you personally have access to.

un-organized tags across all my boards

You may also have an external taxonomy you want to integrate, for example from an earlier content organization system, or from your SEO strategy.

In these cases, you can prepare a CSV file to upload and create the list. When preparing your CSV, remember to follow the instructions on how to format tags. You find this information, and more, in the Q&A on the page, copied here:

Cronycle expects a CSV file containing the first column with the list of your tags. Other columns will be ignored. Remember that tags cannot contain spaces, special characters or more than 40 characters.

Keeping your list of tags up to date (and your content organized)

If you have a very long list of tags with many updates, you can upload a new CSV file to replace your current list.

Alternatively, you can also build and modify the tag list within the admin console interface, in the list visible above. This is particularly adapted for small updates to your list. But it is not made too easy either, ensuring your organization tag list continues to keep content curation organized.

What else can you do now to keep content organized?

Other options include:

  • Download the current list of tags as CSV – useful to take your list across to other tools, for example building your SEO tag list
  • Replace with a new list (CSV): in this case, the current list is deleted and replaced with the new one you upload. Tags already applied to content you curated will not be affected and remain organized. But the available tags going forward have changed.
  • Select and batch delete, or delete single tags. Here as well, deletion impacts available tags going forward only, and does not remove tags already applied on content.

Language compatibility

We’ve also worked with one of our client on making sure it works in languages using special characters, such as French é, ç or à. Let us know if you spot something missing in your language!

Metrics on your taxonomy

What’s more, you can see the total amount of instances for each tag: how many times has each one been applied across all the boards within your Cronycle organization.

In the example above, the imbalance between course tags is quite striking, corresponding to a lack of reference material for some courses. This is one of the first metrics we added, you will start to see more of these going forward, helping you fine tune your content curation process.

If you want to know more about the editable tag list and how to keep content organized with taxonomies, or what our Enterprise plan offers, check our pricing page and contact us.

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