illustration about emailing online content and files to your cronycle boards where you can enrich content

Email content to save to your boards easily

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A Cronycle board is the ideal workspace to save important content, make sense of it, and publish to your audience. There are many ways to save content to your boards – pin from feeds where you can discover and filter content, clip with our browser extension or iOS app, or add URLs and files to the board itself. You also have the option to email online content and files to your board.

content saved on a Cronycle board with the interface to add summaries, comments, tags, annotations, votes, group and publish
Content on a board

When you email content to your board, the links are added as articles, and attachments uploaded to the board. This tutorial describes how to properly prepare your emails and concludes with a few situations when this can be useful.

How to email content to your boards?

When you email content to save to your board, please follow the instructions below. You can either send links or files to your board – but not both simultaneously.

One email address per board

Each board has its own email address, in the format [email protected], where 01010 is the board ID number. This email address is provided in the board settings, under “Information”. Or you can also find the ID number by opening the board in your browser, and checking the URL.

board settings panel showing the email address to use to send content to this board
The board email address in board settings

Because numbers can be hard to remember, we recommend you add to your contacts the boards you expect to email content to, with the board name.

Also, you must send the email from the email address associated with the Cronycle account of the board owner.

Formatting the emails

Now, let’s look at how you can format the emails. First, the title of the email is ignored in all cases.

Links: one URL per line, and no other text

When you email content links to save to your board, add one URL per line, without any other text. Any character other than enter and space is not saved and even prevents Cronycle from extracting the links mentioned after.

Here is an example of an email that works:

Email content to board - a successful format of email with only URLs separated by line breaks
Correct email format to send links – only URLs, one per line

Here is an example that doesn’t work, because of other characters in front of it:

Email content to board - a failing format of email showing text ahead of the URLs
Failing email because of the short text “Hi,” preceding the links

Hidden links (link added to copy) and links to tweets are not supported.

In the first (successful) case, after up to 30 seconds and a content refresh on your board, the content emailed look like any other article or blog post saved on your board:

The emailed links (from the first example above) appear as articles on the board


If your email contains any attachment, Cronycle saves them onto your board, and the rest of the email remains ignored (even if the email contains a list of links). So you really need to send files and links separately.

Example of an email to save files to a board, the text is ignored

Files on your boards can be previewed for some common formats such as PDF and Doc, but not for all formats.

The result of files emailed to the board

When to email content to save to your board?

Emailing content to your board can be very handy in several situations, such as:

  • you received a list of links (to articles, online PDFs, or blog posts), and you want to quickly save them to your board.
  • someone sent your one or several documents (such as PDF reports, images, etc.) as attachment(s) in an email. In that case you can simply forward the email to your board.
  • you are using a smartphone, don’t have the iOS app (e.g. on an Android phone), and found interesting content to save or read later.

This list is not exhaustive, there are probably other situations when this comes handy.

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