enjoy reading while curating with peaceful and comfortable reader

Learn why our content reader will make you enjoy reading while curating or doing secondary research

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Cronycle’s new content reader will make you enjoy reading while curating or doing secondary research. We have optimized our content reader for fast and comfortable reading, while also integrating the pinning workflow to quickly enrich content.

Comfortable content reader

Reading is done faster and more comfortably over long periods of time when the content is displayed with the right font, text size, character count per line, and colour contrast. For example, the text is not full black on white, because this level of contrast causes issues for people with astigmatism. Shorter character count per line allows faster reading, preventing the eye to loose track of lines. Read more about our design process on this post by Tamer, our UI designer.

For those with larger monitors you will also notice a peaceful white space on either side of the text (and images), making it easy to concentrate on reading. We already did have a quiet reading experience thanks to the absence of ads, but this got even better now, and we hope your eyes will feel less strain!

enjoy reading while curating with peaceful and comfortable reader

For those of you who were used to the old reader, here are some of the changes (besides ensuring you enjoy reading while curating or doing market intelligence research) –

  • Back to board or feed or topic button in the top left, rather than a cross to close in the top right
  • Report broken content available from the top “…” menu rather than at the end of the article. Use it when some content is not appearing correctly or not complete – it re-fetches the content and helps us improve fetching difficult sources.
  • Title of content is moved above the image and information such as author, source, date.
  • The URL is not displayed (it was often cropped anyway), but it can easily be copied now.
  • Pinned date & “pinner” name visible on the content tile on the right section, rather than within the content area.
  • Removal of useless margins on responsive, making the content a lot more legible on smartphones.

The annotations with comments continue to work as before.

The fastest workflow around

While we wanted to make sure you enjoy reading while curating and doing secondary research – something many of you do most of the day or many hours a week – we also wanted to save you time.

Cronycle lets you add tags, summaries and comments to content on your boards, alone or as a team. Ideas of relevant tags and quotes or words to put in summaries usually come while reading. Now, you can have the content reader open while seeing the corresponding board tile. This applies to both the feed view (right after you pin to a board), and to the board view.

enjoy reading while curating and save time with an efficient workflow

As a result, you can more easily read and enrich in parallel without navigating back to the board view. This efficient and comfortable content reader should smooth up your curation time 😉

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