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Small samples from our team. Follow and edit these Cronycle feeds to discover and filter information about healthcare, energy, learning & HR, sales and marketing, and more.


Cronycle’s Topics are very rich in the health domain, helping you discover information from a wide range of sources which you can complete with RSS feeds and Twitter accounts. We also add critical events like Covid-19 to our index. Specific keyword filters help you focus on your specific subject. Boards make it easy to collect and share to your communities.


Looking for industry news on specific technologies and innovations like hydrogen? Commodities like crude oil? Organizations? Cronycle feeds are the best place to source relevant information about the energy industry, which you can further filter and process.

Learning & HR

The world of HR is undergoing fast and profound changes, making it difficult to keep track of the future of work, emerging technologies and their impact. Use Cronycle feeds as the place to discover and filter information about any aspect of HR, such as learning and development, AI, working from home, etc. 

Sales & Marketing

Many of our customers use Cronycle to discover and filter information for sales enablement or content marketing (and sometimes both). The ability to focus on what’s relevant to the market (or clients’ markets), saves precious time.


Social Media



How to discover information for any topic?

The feeds above are a tiny fraction of the countless feeds possible for information discovery and filtering. In Cronycle, you can create feeds to source content from any of our 80k+ Topics – automated feeds, such as this one on autism. You can also add your own search words, RSS and websites, and Twitter accounts. Because there is too much information, setting advanced filtering will save you precious time scanning through relevant content.

Steps to make a good feed:

1. Follow one of the above feeds
2. Duplicate and edit to train
3. Watch this video on creating feeds
4. Create one feed on your topic
5. Watch this video on filtering
6. Add keyword filters
7. Save the best to a board
8. Repeat on another topic
9. Share you best feeds with us

view of a cronycle feed to filter and discover information, this one on learning organizations

Learn more about how to set up filters to discover manageable amounts of information on specific subjects.

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