Feed menu and settings update

Product updates to feed menu and settings for an improved experience

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We’ve just completed several updates in the Feeds interface, with updated feed menu and settings. We had many reasons to do this update – all aiming at improving your experience and empowering you to source and filter relevant content. The improvements you’ll notice are as follows –

Navigation & comfort

You can now easily access and modify filters and sources while directly checking the impact on the feed content. Indeed, the feed settings now remains open while you look at the feed content, and changes are saved automatically. You can close the feed settings panel by pressing on the cross in the top right corner.

A new pop up window, similar to when you create new feeds, provides a more comfortable view of current sources and sources to add. The source preview is now accessible for both current and new sources.

Feed menu and settings update - add new sources

We saved space in different places, to reduce scrolling. For example, in the feed settings, there is now only one button to add new sources, rather than 3 input fields with headers above. The delete, duplicate (previously “save as new”) and share options are also smaller and always visible from the static feed settings footer. Additionally, you can expand and collapse any section or sub-section in the feed settings, so you do not need to scroll as much.

We’ve done similar improvements in the feed menu. The feed title, buttons and filters are now smaller. This results in more space for the feed content – good news for those of you working on small laptops! We had to remove the quick accesses to sharing and title editing from the feed menu. This also saves space and significantly improves the responsive view on tablets and smartphones. You can now find both options in the footer of the feed settings panel.

Feed menu and settings update overview with advanced filters visible

Usability & feedback

We’ve updated and improved every dropdown, button, text and input to bring the best possible usability across feed menu and settings. The same goes for the feed sharing pop up window, and most of the confirmation windows.

The feed menu also shows which filters apply, thanks to small red dots. We are still finishing off a couple of details to provide better feedback, as we want content type and keyword filters to also show these red dots.

We’ve also simplified the way you can filter Topics content by level of influence. You can now simply choose between three options – show topic content from all influencers, top 100 or top 20. This is useful if you have too much content and do not need to do an exhaustive monitoring.

We’ve also added several links to help you find the relevant tutorial, in particular for filters. Finally, colours are updated to increase contrast and legibility, including for people with visual impairment.

Filtering & blacklisting

Feed settings now feature a new filter – domains blacklist. This is useful if you do not want to see content coming from specific websites – for any reason such as quality, competitor, etc. Several of you asked for this, it is now available!

black list domains from feed

We also added a sorting option in the feed menu – to let you sort by amount of influencer shares per 24 hour, or chronologically. This makes it easier to find important content and was also a request from some of you.

We’ve written this detailed tutorial on the subject of filtering, reflecting these updates to feed menu and settings. We are currently in the process of updating the video tutorials.

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