edit user title on cronycle board to frame your insights

Frame insights by giving articles your own title and specifying a preferred image

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This product tutorial covers several simultaneous functionalities in boards, in particular giving you greater control over how you frame insights by adding your own titles to articles and even switching the featured images.

Cronycle boards go a step further to help you frame information and provide context for your audience, with the ability to write your own article title, with your unique perspective.

At the same time, we’ve also updated board tiles to become more space-efficient, integrate these new functionalities, and improve pre-existing features such as tags. Overall, organizing information and extracting insights has become smoother and sharper!

Add your own title to an article saved to your board

You can now add your own title to any article saved onto your boards, to frame your insights at the top level.

Title – from the tile

To do so, on the (new) board tile, hover with your mouse over the title to reveal a pen button.

pen button over a title, to click to change the article title

Once clicked, the title becomes an editable text field. Modify the title as you wish, and confirm to save. The original title is always visible right below the text field while editing.

type the title in the field appearing in place of the title, with original title always visible below

Title – from the reader

You can do the same change from the board reader, with the same steps (hover over the title, click on the pen, type and confirm). It even works on mobile, except that you need to click once on the title instead of hovering.

There is only one difference in the reader. The original title is always visible in the board reader, even if you are not editing, and whether or not it has been modified.

editing the article title from the content reader

Publishing titles

The titles you specify are sent through to the publishing options. This is true for our integrations with Buffer and Hootsuite, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zapier, WordPress and our newsletter editor, as well as the RSS generator.

For Buffer and Hootsuite, Cronycle sends the summary to social media post body as a priority. If no summary is available, then it sends the title you added. If that’s not available either, it sends the original article title. Note that the frame visible in the final tweet or post always contains the original title, because it is fetched by each social network.

In other cases, we send both the updated title and summary. In the case of WordPress, the original title is also visible at the bottom of the draft post.

Further frame and develop insights with summaries

Titles are great for top level indication as to why you and your audience should take the article in consideration (frame insights). But to share richer insights, use the summary – it always get published! This is another text field which you can add, edit and remove. It is also more appropriate for slightly longer text.

adding & editing a summary to frame insights

You can even use the auto-summarizer to help you extract key expressions. When publishing, Cronycle sends the summary as a priority.

Select the featured image for an article to frame insights

Sometimes, the default featured image associated with an article may not be the most representative in your context. For example, you may want your audience to pay particular attention to a section or to a specific infographic within. Or you may want to add your own image to build brand consistency or avoid copyright issues.

You can now change the image representing the article (the “featured image”) by selecting another image from within the article or uploading your own. Combined with a unique title and summary, your chosen featured image is a powerful way to help frame your insights and show your audience what is most deserving of their attention, at a glance.

To do so, on the board, hover over the image.

hover over the image to show the pen icon to change  featured image

Click on the pen icon that appears near the top right, and you’ll see a window appearing with all the available images from the article. If an image doesn’t appear, it is probably because it is too small (370px is the minimum size for a featured image). Quite often, articles only contain one image, so don’t be surprised if you don’t always have choice.

image selector with images already in the article, ready to select

In the case of broken images, try to report broken content, wait a couple of minutes and refresh the board. If the images are still broken (none appearing in the window or reader), please contact us via the chat with the URL of the original article.

advice provided when  all images are broken

If you prefer to upload your own image, click on the tab Upload and drag and drop (or browse to) the image you want to use.

Upload your own image: drag and dropping an image in the Upload tab

Here as well, the image needs to be at least 370 pixel wide. There is also a maximum file size per image to avoid overloading the system. Finally, the uploads count against your uploaded file cap and is not available with free accounts. Once you’ve uploaded the image, select it and confirm by clicking on Update image.

several images have been uploaded, select the one to use for this article and confirm

You can also switch featured image from the board reader. When you scroll down the article, hover over the image you wish to use. A button appears at the top right to use as featured image. Click on it, and you’ll see the article tile featured image changed on the right and a success message.

change featured image from the reader

The new image replaces the original image on the board tile, and Cronycle sends this new one (using image URLs) when you publish. The uploaded images also have a public URL, so it works in this case as well.

Tile update to facilitate framing insights in a user-friendly manner

If you are already familiar with Cronycle, you probably noticed updates to the board tiles in the screenshots above. We made the tiles more compact, without losing the display of information. In other words, boards are now more information dense.

Besides adding the hover options for the image and title described above to frame insights, we also made it easier to use summaries, tags, comments and Story Arc. Now your flow of work won’t be broken by the pop-up window you used to see. Editing happens within the board (or reader side panel).

You can even see one row of tags (if you’ve added any) on each tile, so you don’t need to click on the tag icon each time. We’ve done this update in both the card and list views, with more tags visible on the list view.

the new board tile to make it easier to enrich and organize information, and to frame insights

There is no change to the insights view, except for the addition of the original title below your added title (if you’ve done that).

insights view shows the article title you changed and original title

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