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Cronycle expands insights discovery and filtering across global languages

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To stay ahead of new developments and emerging trends in an increasingly global business community, you need to understand what’s happening, not only in local markets, but also internationally while at the same time keeping noise to a minimum so as not to become overwhelmed by a barrage of extraneous information. 

Until recently, Cronycle discovery was limited to just a handful of languages. With Cronycle’s latest update, we’ve begun expanding content discovery and filtering across nine of the most popular business languages. These are:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

The power of this expanded language support is two-fold. First, you can now monitor content from a much broader range of sources than ever before. Second, you can filter that content in your feeds by language and relevance. Your knowledge base just got deeper, and your filters are now even more precise!

Support for organizations operating across regions and in multiple languages

If your business operates across geographies that communicate in multiple languages, your ability to surface knowledge at scale is critical. In many markets, innovation seems to occur at breakneck speed, and many companies operate in various localities and across borders. Regardless of your space, developments in science, engineering, manufacturing, banking, medicine, and many other sectors can impact your business.

Use broader market intelligence to inform and influence

Even if your organization is based in an English-speaking country, you might want to consider the advantages of accessing insights surfaced from foriegn languages. Staying abreast of developments in foreign countries can give you an invaluable edge when marketing to a local customer base that has significant economic, political, or cultural ties to their native homeland. Consider how the removal of language-based blindspots might enable you to uncover new opportunities with partners and influencers and better monitor foreign products and services. The possibilities are endless.

Curate more meaningful content in nine languages

With access to insights from nine of the most common business languages, you can expand your team’s awareness, reach, and opportunities.

Getting started with language discovery

You can search for Cronycle Topics in any of the nine business languages listed above using the top right search bar, or when creating or modifying a feed. We are continually translating new Topics into foreign languages and adding them to Cronycle. If a translation exists for any Topic, it will appear in the search results for that Topic. If one is not yet provided, you’ll have the ability to select it as a freeform search (in quotes) and add it to your feed.
Content discovered according to the search criteria you chose will appear in your feed including any language filters.

Cut out more of the noise with language filters

To help filter out the noise, this update also improves Cronycle’s ability to restrict content in unwanted languages from your feeds. By default, content in all languages is allowed in your feeds. To filter content by one or several languages, follow these easy steps:

  • 1. Click on the globe icon in your feed menu.
  • 2. Check the language(s) you want to include.
Cronycle feed interface with the language filter
  • 3. The feed refreshes and shows only content in the selected languages. All others are excluded, even those not in the list.
  • 4. Like for other permanent filters, the same language filter is also in the filters panel

The language filter applies to all collaborators on the feed.

As Cronycle’s surfacing of content in foreign languages continues to expand, applying language filters to feeds can help ensure your results remain focused and dialed into what matters most.

Suggest new languages and translations

Cronycle is committed to expanding your access to valuable insights from content created and shared worldwide. We’ve begun by including nine of the most popular business languages, but that’s just the start. We invite our enterprise users to let us know what other expressions might be translated and added as Topics and what other languages would be meaningful in your research.  

Discover more ways to reduce noise in feeds by reviewing our tutorial on filtering information in feeds.

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