Group content into Story Arcs

Group content into Story Arcs

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This tutorial explains how to group content into Story Arcs on your Cronycle boards, and the recent addition of one new content type to group – Tweets.

What is a Story Arc?

Curators typically use Story Arcs to give several perspectives and/or complementary information about an event or insight. A story arc is a group of several items on your Cronycle board, amongst the following options:

  • Articles
  • Videos & podcasts
  • Tweets (new)
  • Twitter conversations
  • Story Arcs

There are three types of content which you cannot group into Story Arcs: uploaded files, Crystal discussions, and notes. Contact us if you need these as well.

For RSS, Buffer and Hootsuite, one article is used as the main link and other pieces of content are listed as secondary links.

How to group content into Story Arcs, and when is it not possible?

First, on your board, click on Group in the board sub menu.

click on group to start grouping into story arc

You are then hinted to click on the items you want to group together. Click once on each item you want to group, then confirm by clicking on “Group”.

select the tiles to group into a story arc

You’ll then see the Story Arc appear in a pop up. If you had summaries in the original content you grouped together, you’ll see the old summaries brought into one text box. If you do not wish to modify the summary (or if you don’t use summaries at all), close the popup. Alternatively, edit the summary and remember to click on on save when done.

review the summary and group
Edit the story arc summary

Note you can apply filters and a search before grouping – this can make it easier to find the right content to group together.

Extract insights from Story Arcs

Once grouped, the annotations can be viewed in the insights view, to quickly access key points across the group:

Click on Insights in the board menu to see the insights view with annotations, summary, tags

From there, you can even extract insights as a rich text note on the board:

Click on Extract annotations as note to get story arc insights from a group of articles into one editable note

Once that’s done, you can open the note and start editing, drafting a report for example:

the resulting note aggregating all the annotations across the story arc, in the editor

Remember that each Story Arc can contains a maximum of 12 items. Beyond that, you’ll get an error message. Other point – you can add each content type mentioned above to only one Story Arc per board. You’ll notice that, once you’ve added one piece of content to a Story Arc, it becomes greyed out (unavailable) when you try to make a new Story Arc. The reason for this is to avoid publishing the same content several times.

When you group a piece of content into a Story Arc, we keep the original content on the board by default. Enterprise admin users have the possibility to switch off this content duplication from the Admin console (under board configurations).

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