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We need you to help Cronycle get even better!

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We are permanently working on improving the experience of Cronycle and how it makes your curation better, more powerful, faster!

Many of you already give us great and useful feedback. This is important both to plan new features and improve existing ones. We actually have a lot of ideas – but need help prioritising.

And, who is the best placed to help Cronycle get even better?


(Sorry for the pointing finger)

Here are a few things to help us:

  • Take part in interviews to share how you use Cronycle and what’s right & not right, or share your screen while you try to do something hard.
  • Take part in tests: we often run small sample tests for ongoing work. Next topics will be likely (but not limited to): tutorials, feed settings, publish panel, discussions on boards…
  • Try our new Zapier integration and give feedback about what you use it for, and what other triggers & actions we should cover next.
  • Tell us why you stopped using Cronycle if that happened.

For all the above and help Cronycle get even better, get in touch here.

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