curate content from Medium in Cronycle

How to curate content from Medium in Cronycle

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Medium is proving an amazingly rich source of information for many professionals, so we created this tutorial to help you source Medium content in Cronycle.

Cronycle in the all-in-one workspace to source, filter, collect, enrich and share content easily, alone or as a team.

To sumarize, Medium allows you to share available article lists via RSS, a standard you can use as a source in Cronycle feeds.

Step 1 – find the right RSS link

Depending on what type of content you want (from an author or a publication), the RSS link follows a specific pattern. This is section is adapted from the information provided by Medium here, clarified and enhanced with extra guidance, visuals and examples.

Author (aka user profile)

To access an author’s feed, add /feed/ before their username, for example:

How to find the right username? What if it contains a space?

Find the author name in Medium to source content to Cronycle

For the article below written by my colleague “Tamer Okail”, use the author name without the space – @tamerokail.


For a Medium publication’s RSS feed, add /feed/ before the publication’s name:

How to find the publication name? Take the end of the URL in the publication home page, after In the case of “The Startup”, the publication name is not TheStartup, but swlh.

However, many publications have custom domains. In that case, the publication RSS link is totally different. Add /feed/ to the end of the URL:

In the case of UX Collective, the RSS URL is therefore

Finally, if you want to source tagged pages in publications, add /feed/┬ábefore the publication’s name, like so:

Add the RSS to curate content from Medium in Cronycle

Now that you have the right RSS URL (or URLs), head to the feed section in the Cronycle web application. Click on “Create a feed”, and enter the first RSS URL you want to add.

curate content from Medium in Cronycle - add the feed url to Create a feed and add

Click on the + icon in the result provided. Repeat with the other RSS URLs if you want to add several. Each one appears in the right section.

At this stage, it is possible that the preview does not show any content. Do not worry – any content published less than 6 months ago will appear in the feed anyway. So click on “Done”. Give this new feed the name you wish, and confirm.

Within seconds, you get to see a feed with all the RSS(‘s) content:

If you have an existing feed you want to add this new source to, you can also open the feed settings (cog wheel), expand the sources section, and click on Add sources. Then do the same as described above.

From now on, you can curate content from your Medium favourite sources, right in Cronycle!

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