How to curate from Twitter without the noise

Discover several methods to curate & do research from Twitter without the noise

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This post explains how to curate from Twitter without the noise, using Cronycle. The vast majority of information ends up in Twitter, making it a great place to gain knowledge from. Gems hide within millions of daily tweets, and fortunately Cronycle feeds and filters empower you to use Twitter for research. This posts explains what Cronycle covers.

For example, the Covid-19 crisis has made it clear that Twitter is the platform of choice for health professionals to share and discuss emerging knowledge – such as treatment protocols early on, this tweet being one amongst thousands:

However, the amount of information shared is staggering. And Twitter feeds use algorithms that users cannot control, based on what they did previously, not on what they want now and going forward. Hence, Twitter feeds are not appropriate for secondary research.

Hence the reason of using Cronycle to do curation from Twitter. Cronycle is the all-in-one workspace to discover, filter, act on and share knowledge, alone or as a team. And it lets you set your own filters.

Level 1 – get suggestions

First step in learning how to curate or research from Twitter – get custom suggestions. Try to connect your Twitter account in Cronycle. This provides you with suggestions for Cronycle topics (automated relevant feeds) based on who you follow in Cronycle. We map expertise networks for over 80k Topics, so you’ll get relevant suggestions if you follow accounts in Twitter.

connect to twitter to see suggestions of topics to follow

Then, preview and add the most relevant suggestions to Cronycle feeds (max 5 topics per feed). Once you have created a feed, it shows the content shared by experts from the topics you added. If that’s too much, add keyword filters or use only top influencers to reduce the noise and get what you want. Read more about filtering on this dedicated tutorial. You can also check out this public feed on Covid-19 and challenge trials.

use Topics to automate handle discovery

Level 2 – discover & add single Twitter accounts you like

Next, if you appreciate the content shared by specific Twitter accounts, you can also add them individually to your Cronycle feed(s). To do that, go to feed settings, expand the feed sources section, and click on add sources. There, you can search for any @handle (or by the name of the account but this only works for those we consider influencers).

curate from twitter sources with feeds

This time again, you can add filters to your feed to reduce the noise and truly curate from Twitter, with your own focus.

If you do not know which Twitter accounts to add, Cronycle Topics are great to help you discover relevant experts. First, in the top search, type a topic for which you are trying to find experts or content, in English. Select the topic from the results. This loads the topic page, with the list of experts in the order of influence (highest first). You can click on any name to see their other Topics.

list of topics of influence for one expert, ideal for twitter research

When you go to the Content tab on the Topic’s page, each piece of content surfaced by the Topic is shown with the top tweet it was shared in. You can also see the next 9 tweets the link was shared in, giving you context and helping you discover good Twitter sources. This is a unique way to do research on Twitter.

twitter research with tweets linking to an article
Tweets an article was shared in

If that’s an interesting account to keep an eye on, add the @handle in any feed, from the feed settings, or when creating a new feed. Any content shared by this twitter account will appear in your feed, provided it passes the keyword filters you’ve added.

In addition, the feed will also show each original tweet posted by the @handle you’ve added as a source to the feed. This only applies going forward (ie after you’ve added a handle to your feed), with a few exceptions. For handles added previously across all Cronycle users, we store and display tweets from October 2020 onwards only.

curate also from tweets in feeds
Example of tweets in a feed

For now, on our iOS application, Tweets render as “Conversations” for now.

Another trick, is to monitor the good content that comes up in your feed and identify if some websites regularly come up. You can then add the websites as an RSS source to your feed – learn how to do that on the dedicated tutorial.

Level 3 – synchronize your Twitter account

This is the last level in curating from Twitter in Cronycle, and relevant if you’ve already invested time in research in Twitter. If you already follow many accounts in Twitter, you can also synchronize your Cronycle and Twitter accounts. This will add all the Twitter accounts you follow in your Cronycle sources library. Any time you add or remove someone you follow in Twitter, the change will also happen in Cronycle.

First, click on Add new sources. Then, on the right side panel, click on the button to synchronize with your Twitter account. Once you’ve authorize the integration, all the accounts you follow are added to your sources library, which may take time, especially if you follow thousands.

Once Twitter accounts are in your library, filter, search and select those you want, and add them to your feeds of choice, where you can add filters, as usual. You can also create new feeds from the library. Learn more about how to use the sources library in this dedicated tutorial.

use the sources library to select handles and create feeds efficiently
sources library to select handles and create feeds efficiently

You can disconnect your Twitter account any time. But remember that it will remove all the Twitter accounts synchronized, from both the library and the feeds.

Curate from Twitter and take part in the discussion!

This concludes how to curate from Twitter. However, learning is not complete without sharing! Cronycle boards let you collect the most important content and easily publish it to social media – including but not limited to Twitter. You can set up publishing from board to Twitter via Hootsuite, Buffer, or Zapier.

Header image designed by natanaelginting via Freepik.

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