Learn how to discover, aggregate and filter content your own Facebook page(s)

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Cronycle lets you discover, aggregate and filter content from many sources – including the possibility to curate from your Facebook page(s). With Cronycle, you can create feeds with one or several sources and apply filters to get exactly the information you want. Links shared via a Facebook page can be saved to boards, enriched and published – just like articles or videos.

Nothe this applies to your Facebook page(s), not to your wall. Only your content will appear. Facebook remains a closed space, where very little can be shared with other services.

To curate from your Facebook pages, you’ll need to do two things: generate an RSS from the Facebook page, which you can do using Zapier, and add the RSS to Cronycle.

First, create an RSS from your Facebook page

You need Zapier for this. Zapier lets you easily connect different apps and do automation without having to code. It can create RSS feeds from your Facebook pages, as well as Pinterest or Instagram. There is a free Zapier plan that allows you to create a few “zaps” (automations).

But remember: Facebook will not give away information so easily! You are limited to the Facebook pages you created, or where you are admin.

Just connect your personal Facebook account to Zapier, select the Facebook Page you want to make an RSS feed for, and then add your post title, link, and copy to the RSS feed. You can make an RSS feed for any Facebook Page where you’re listed as an admin or that you’ve created.

Matthew Guay via Zapier
Zapier interface to generate an RSS from your Facebook page

If you are not familiar with Zapier, remember that you have to complete the second step: this is where you’ll be able to copy the RSS URL.

Zapier has generated an RSS from the Facebook page

This Zapier post, if you scroll down to the Facebook section, even provides a pre-made Zap to quickly make an RSS feed with a new Facebook page.

Then, add the RSS to a Cronycle feed

The second step to curating from Facebook pages, is to add the RSS provided by Zapier into Cronycle. Cronycle can indeed take any RSS feed, and will display the links that are shared as content in a custom feed.

Important to know: RSS is a standard to share web links (URLs). An RSS feed will therefore only pick up the posts with URLs. Depending on the set up, it may not display the comments around the link.

Once you have copied your RSS from Zapier, go to Cronycle, Create a feed, and paste it in the search box. Wait a few seconds, and you will see only one result: your RSS. Add it by clicking on the +, then save and close.

create a feed in Cronycle and add the RSS link to curate from your Facebook pages

You are asked to name the feed. After you save, you’ll see the content shared on that page appear neatly on a feed! You are now ready to curate from your Facebook pages. Learn more about creating feeds here.

Alternatively, you can also add the RSS link to an existing feed, in which case, go to the feed, click on the cog wheel (feed settings), expand the sources section, click on “add sources”, and paste the URL above in the search field. Press enter and add.

It also works in the Sources Library if you use this.

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