Tutorial to learn how to curate YouTube videos in Cronycle

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Cronycle lets you aggregate and discover content from many sources – including the possibility to curate YouTube videos. With Cronycle, you can create feeds with one or several sources and apply filters to get exactly the information you want. Videos can be saved to boards, enriched and published – just like articles.

This tip is courtesy of Yves Mulkers who is using Cronycle on a daily basis, for his curation on big data at 7WData. If you also want to share a tip, please suggest it to us using the contact form.

How to find the right URL for a Tube Channel?

There is a trick, because a YouTube channel default URL (such as does not provide an RSS feed that can be picked up by content aggregators. An RSS feed is an industry standard to share a series of links (in this case it would be one link per video in the channel).

What is important from a YouTube channel URL is the ID – in this case the identifier after the channel in the URL above:

If you put this channel ID after
then Cronycle reads the link as an RSS feed and creates a nice list of videos.

So, for the ID above, the full URL to add into Cronycle is therefore

How to add the channel URL to Cronycle?

You can now add this URL to curate YouTube videos to a new feed by clicking on Create a Feed in Cronycle Feeds.

Then, simply paste the URL, wait a few seconds, click on the + to add, then on Save & close.

Give the feed a name, and save: the videos now appear in a feed, with the newest at the top:

Alternatively, you can also add the channel URL to an existing feed, in which case, open the feed, click on the cog wheel (feed settings), expand the sources section and click on “Add sources”. In the pop up search field, paste the URL as described above. Press enter and add from the result shown under RSS feeds.

curate YouTube videos in Cronycle

If you are a pro at managing sources, use the sources library, where you can also add the URL there to one or several feeds.

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