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Modify the sources in your feed

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Cronycle feeds aggregate content from different kinds of sources and can easily be modified to include new sources or removed un-necessary ones.

Types of sources

First you need to create a feed – check this quick tutorial to learn how. Feeds can contain four different kinds of sources:

Note: You can also receive your newsletter subscriptions in a special feed – learn more from this other tutorial. You also can follow public Cronycle feeds from other users, for example from your colleagues. These are not covered in this tutorial.

Review sources

Once created, you can review the sources in your feed. To do so, click on the settings (cog wheel) or on the source icon (concentric circles and number) in the feed menu.

Your feed, access settings from menu

A side panel opens to view and modify different aspects of your feed. This tutorial focuses on sources. Check this other tutorial for filters and blacklists.

Feed settings panel

Expand the feed sources section to reveal the current sources in the feed. The sources appear, organized per type – Cronycle Topics, RSS, Twitter, and RSS folders. If a type of source is not represented in your feed, you won’t see the category at all.

View sources in your feed

We show up to 20 sources at this stage. If you have more, click on “Show all xx sources”. It opens a pop up window to see all the sources. In both the panel and the pop-up, you can search current sources with the input field, or filter by type of source (RSS, Topic…) using the filter icon (horizontal lines).

List of all sources in your feed

You can also preview each source in a side panel by clicking on the Preview option.

Some of our users have hundreds of sources, while others keep it down to one! In all cases, there is a maximum of 1000 sources per feed, and 5 Topics at the most.

Add or remove feed sources

There are two options to modify sources in your feed – add and remove. First, you can easily remove Topics, Twitter and RSS sources – simply click on “remove”. You do not need to save, all changes are saved automatically.

Secondly, you also have the option to add more sources to your feed. Click on “Add sources”. A pop-up opens, similar to the one used to create a feed. You are invited to search for sources.

Add Cronycle Topics to your feed

For Topics, search a subject name, such as “Agriculture”. Keep it wide enough, and in English. However, in the same registry, you can look for more specific Topics, such as “Organic farming”.

Search sources to add to your feed

If you are having difficulty identifying the right Topics, search one generic Topic, such as “agriculture”, and click on Preview. The side panel shows related topics which can give you ideas of good topics for what you need.

Preview new source to add

Once you find what you like, you can click on the + icon from the preview panel – it adds the Topic to the feed. Remember that you cannot add more than 5 Topics per feed.

Add RSS & Twitter sources in your feed

For Twitter and RSS, if you know the name of the source you are looking for (e.g. Ontario Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs), search the name of the source. If you do not find it, try the following options:


Type the exact Twitter handle such as @OMAFRA in the search. This will check against all active Twitter accounts.

Add Twitter source to your feed


Paste the RSS link, such as in the search. This will check whether the link is valid and add it to our library if not there yet. This is particularly the case when you add a Google Alert, Medium publication, Facebook page, or any non major news / blog service.

Add RSS source to your feed

However, in many cases, getting the RSS link from a website is not easy. Fortunately, we have a Chrome and Safari extension – the Cronycle Content Clipper – that makes it easy. Check how to use it on the last section of this tutorial.

If you use RSS folders, you’ll need to add them to the feed via the Sources Library directly.

This concludes this tutorial about modifying the sources in your feed. If you want to better manage a large amount of sources, we invite you to discover your sources library, accessed from the feeds (bottom left). This tutorial can help you learn how to benefit from it the most.

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