monitor design trends from Pinterest

How to monitor design trends from Pinterest

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Pinterest is a treasure trove when it comes to discovering and monitoring interior and other design trends. However, it has significant limitations if you need more than a collection of images. Adding your perspective, discussing ideas with teammates in a confidential space, tagging, organizing… All of these aspects of professional visual trend work are simply missing from Pinterest.

From a strategic standpoint, if your organization does a combination of visual trend tracking and general horizon scanning or industry monitoring, that information and your insights are spread across several tools. Without a shared knowledge hub, it is hard to get an overview of market trends, achieve a shared mindset and influence other departments.

In response to issues with tracking visual trends, we’ve improved how we process Pinterest pins. You can collect and organize them in Cronycle right alongside your organization’s general industry intelligence.

This tutorial explains how to get Pinterest pins into Cronycle and use it to monitor design trends, with an example on interior architecture. Warning: both Pinterest and Cronycle use the expression to pin, so let’s hope this won’t be confusing!

The first step is to get the information from Pinterest (i.e. pins) to Cronycle feeds. A Cronycle feed is a customized stream of information, aggregating content from several sources that you add, and/or with Cronycle Topics (automated curation). You can also add filters to make your feeds even more focused. Feeds are used to monitor industry and competitors in a wider context.

To do this, you’ll need to generate an RSS URL in Pinterest for each Pinterest board or profile you want to monitor.

To add a Pinterest board, append .rss to the board URL, like this:

To add a Pinterest profile, append /feed.rss to the board URL, like this:

Add the RSS links to a Cronycle feed

Now, head to Cronycle feeds and paste the RSS URL in the search field. This happens either in “Create a feed” (to add to a new feed) or in “Add sources” (for existing feeds).

add the Pinterest board and or profile to a custom Cronycle feed using the RSS URL
Adding an RSS URL for a Pinterest board to an existing Cronycle feed

The result should appear in an RSS section within a few seconds. Click on the + icon to add to the feed, then confirm the feed creation or close.

Note: preview won’t work immediately as this is most likely a new source in our system.

Monitor design trends from your feeds to your boards

Within a couple of seconds of adding the RSS to a feed, the Pinterest pins will load in the feed. Content in the feed goes back 6 months and is ordered from most recent to oldest.

It’s incredibly valuable to use Cronycle feeds to see the aggregate of information from several Pinterest boards and profiles, as well as information from outside Pinterest, all in one place!

Use the Cards view in your Cronycle feed to see large images (using the 4 square layout icon to the right of the menu):

feed view in Cronycle to monitor Pinterest boards and profiles to track design trends

From this point forward, new pins will appear as cards in the Cronycle feed. When you see one worth keeping, click on the grey pin button to save it to a Cronycle board.

You can organize boards per project, scope, style, trend, customer segment, design period, etc. Don’t make your board too specific, as you can perform a second-order organization using tags within each board. This can be handy for tracking variation over time, geography or materials for example.

The Cronycle board tiles let you apply tags to the pins, add your thoughts in the summary field, discuss with your teammates (use mentions to trigger notifications), group, and even open in the board reader to view a larger image and annotate the description.

Pinterest pin saved on a Cronycle board with option to add summary, view, comment, tag - all to track design trends

To collaborate with teammates on design trends, add them as collaborators to your Cronycle feeds and boards. You can also invite other stakeholders as subscribers to any board you set up from the avatar icon and users menu. In both cases, you’ll need to have an Enterprise account.

Finally, you can also share links with summaries via any of our publishing options and integrations.

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