Discover the value of curated newsletters and how to prepare them easily

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We live in a connected world with millions of content forms floating on the web to catch our eye. Among this overflowing content, how do you reach out to your audience with the right content? It feels impossible to keep up with all the great content that is being created or track every great conversation that has been happening. This is where content curation newsletters play a role.

What are curated newsletters?

A curated newsletter is the one that includes interesting or trending content around a specific topic chosen for the readers. Curated newsletters are created by handpicking some of the most relevant articles, news, conversations, videos. Along with the links to the external sources of content, the newsletter includes a summary of the piece as well.

To create consistent and engaging newsletter ensure that it is –

Curated Newsletter Essentials


The newsletter that you are curating for your audience should be relevant to them or there is a chance of unsubscription. So, share the content that is of interest to your audience. But you don’t have to replicate what your competitors are doing. Chose Cronycle for your curated newsletters and share the best content available in any domain.

Offer Value

Once you have segmented your audience and decided on the relevance of the newsletter according to your target audience the next item on the list is value. The hard truth about newsletters is that your audience is less interested in your self-praise and more interested is in the value of the email. They will only spend time reading your newsletter if they find something of value. So, think about the relevant topic first.

The value of Conycle’s newsletters is that it uncovers some of the most valuable sources of information that will prove to be relevant to the subscribers. It will make you feel more capable of sharing the content that matters to the reader promoting engagement.


You need to become a reliable source of information for your audience. So, sending out a personalized newsletter catering to the requirements of every reader will make your newsletter stand out. Even when you are sharing other people’s content through your newsletters understanding the challenges and breakthroughs of every reader will make your newsletter the favorite part of the day for your readers. Their valuable feedback will give you more insights into the success of your newsletter. 

Short and Crisp

Your emails should be short and crisp for easy consumption otherwise it will take too much time to read and in turn will reduce the readability for the user. Cronycle ensures that the curated newsletters you are sharing with your audience cover all relevant content that you have saved on your board. The newsletters perform better when they have focused titles and links followed by subheaders and short description thereafter. Cronycle makes sure that your newsletters are easy to read.

Why curated newsletters?

Newsletters are an effective tool of communication, another valuable service for your target audience for example customers, potential customers, colleagues, decision makers, stakeholders, learners etc. Curated newsletters allow you to build sustainable relationships with your audience that will be fruitful for a long time.

Consider these advantages –

  • It helps you keep a regular rythm to curate, read, reflect and learn. To eventually develop your knowledge.       
  • You can portray expertise on subjects that are relevant to your target audience.
  • Curated newsletters become a source of information. It will become a part of their schedule.
  • It’s a perfect way to nurture fruitful relationships.

·      It can help you segment your readers according to their preferences.

How to curate effective newsletters?

For consistency, follow the easy to use method offered by Cronycle for sharing curated newsletters.

For an effective newsletter, the next thing is to define your audience and identify their interests. As mentioned earlier, relevance is important and for curating the most relevant newsletter it has to be directed towards a particular audience holding similar interests. There can be two aspects of your search, one is what matters to you and the other is what matters to you or your business. It is important to curate newsletters according to the topics that are relevant to your audience but you can’t steer away from your brand or business. You must align topics that your audience is interested in the topics of your business interest.

Track your competitors

You should keep an eye on the newsletters of your competitors. The last thing you want is to replicate what others are doing. Readers don’t like their inbox filled with duplicate emails which in turn increases the chances of people hitting unsubscribe. Use insights from competitor analysis and carve out a curated newsletter niche for yourself. Add unique insights to your curation, share in different formats and add authenticity to industry topics.

Discover, Curate and Share

Finally, discover, curate and share the relevant content without wasting time. This is what Cronycle does for you. Search for relevant topics and create feeds, then pin relevant content to your board and share them as a newsletter.


Promotion is as important as curation. Unless you promote your newsletters on relevant platforms you won’t get enough subscribers to share the curated newsletters. 

Use content curation tools for effective Newsletters

Navigating all the content in the niche can be difficult and sharing that content with your team can be a cumbersome task. After multiple google searches, trying different keywords and scrolling through irrelevant content you then have to share all the links that you have collected with your team. Why not reduce that time and make this task easier by curating in one workspace, using Cronycle.

Cronycle discovers content based on your preferred topics. You can collaboratively create feeds, filter content, save, make sense of it all, and publish them on multiple platforms such as newsletters.

You can leverage the benefits of content curation and get your hands on every article, every conversation, every video that matters to you by filtering it according to your own chosen topic. Read more about content curation here.

Discover the power of Cronycle for Teams

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