Case study – how marketers can increase efficiency across the content curation workflow

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This article covers how content marketers can leverage Cronycle to increase efficiency across the content curation workflow.

Build Domain Expertise More Quickly

Content marketing is a specialty which came into prominence over a decade ago and is a focus of many marketing agencies, consultants, freelancers and career professionals. Practitioners are challenged to build subject matter expertise and continuously churn out valuable content in order to grow audiences and support engagement across a variety of business sectors, each with a continually evolving set of thought leaders, influencers, domains, topics, and sources. Processing the information streaming across an ever-growing number of feeds in order to stay ahead of new developments and emerging trends can be a mammoth task. 

In fact, a pain point for many content marketers is the sheer number of tools necessary to manage the content curation workflow. In response, content marketers seek an all-in-one tool that can not only help them silence noisy feeds and surface valuable insights, but allows them to more easy collaborate internally, contextualize information and publish content at the right time to the right channels.

Cronycle is an all-in-one insights platform that helps content marketers become more efficient across the content curation workflow.

Discover and Curate Content More Efficiently

Content discovery is simple with Cronycle. First, Cronycle’s expert-led, Ai-powered discovery engine makes it easy to surface and curate content from more than 80,000 topics instantly. With Cronycle, content marketers can effectively monitor the most trusted, relevant sources daily and receive market insights, competitor intelligence, and consumer trends (to name a few) shared across the web. Cronycle intelligently filters through a variety of sources including top industry directories, blogs, social media conversations, Google alerts, news sites, newsletters, podcasts, RSS feeds, electronic journals and many others. In the past, it could take content marketers days to research, review content and generate insights. This can now be accomplished in minutes.

“Boost your Content Marketing & SMM” is locked Boost your Content Marketing & SMM
This is the Influencers view for one of the 80K Cronycle Topics.

Cronycle combines sources into feeds which are optimized using advanced keyword filters to reduce noise. Feeds can be shared amongst team members for easy collaboration and curation.

Collaborate, Enrich & Share Content With Ease

Next, Cronycle provides a dedicated knowledge hub featuring boards designed to help collect, enrich and publish content easily. The boards work well for team collaboration and for individual use. All types of content can be pinned to boards including articles, videos, conversations, documents, images and more straight from Cronycle feeds (or from anywhere on the web by way of Cronycle’s browser clipper extensions for Chrome, Safari or the Cronycle iOS app). With a single click, Cronycle boards let curators highlight, annotate, comment and add summaries to their content.

Monitor industry vertical news using cronycle boards
Items Pinned on Cronycle Board

Finally, to support even greater collaboration, curators have the ability to notify team members to join in discussions around content. They can assign tags, track status, request editorial approval, and add hashtags to content before sharing or publishing. Boards offer a variety of publishing options and easily connect with best-in-class social media scheduling tools like Buffer and Hootsuite for posting content to social media without leaving the Cronycle environment. (Note: There is also the option to push content to websites via Cronycle’s WordPress plugin or via RSS.)

For these reasons and more, Cronycle satisfies the demands of content marketing professionals with a single, intuitive tool that powers the entire content curation workflow – from content discovery to harvesting and sharing. The efficiency gains realized through Cronycle save teams days of effort, stress and frustration. Read more about how Cronycle help power your content marketing program.

Discover the power of Cronycle for Teams

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