invite your team to collaborate on information

Invite your team to collect, make sense of, and share information

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This tutorial describes all the ways to invite team members to curate or consume content in Cronycle. Cronycle is the all-in-one workspace where you can source, filter, collect, make sense of information, extract & share insights on relevant topics, and collaborate with your team, ultimately growing collective knowledge and making better informed decisions.

This post is not about sharing content on your board outside of Cronycle. This can be done by publishing your boards – learn more here.

You can invite collaborators to Cronycle for many reasons, for example to –

  • Conduct market research or other secondary research
  • Monitor news and trends on shared topics for thought leadership or learning
  • Collect, process and deliver content to customers, learners, decision makers, sales team members, and other stakeholders
  • Developing team knowledge on a topic, including via Crystals discussions

Collaboration requires the Enterprise plan.

There are three levels of access:

  • Subscriber – this is the most limited access. Subscribers can only be added to boards (as subscribers) where they can read, search, filter, comment, vote and take part in Crystal discussions.
  • Curator – this is the intermediate access level. Curators can create and join feeds and boards, modify them, add and modify content, and publish.
  • Admin – this is the highest access level, used to manage users and configuration.

Depending on your role, and where you want to collaborate (feeds or boards), you may invite collaborators differently. In all cases, you can only give write access to boards and feeds you have access to.

Before we cover how you can invite new users to your Cronycle organization (workspace), here is how it works for the person invited.

Each person you invite receives an email from Cronycle, inviting them to create an account within your organization via a link. They simply need to click on the link, enter a new password, and they’re in! If you invited them from a board, they’ll land on that board directly.

Now, here’s how you can invite them:

1- Invite others to collect information on boards


Invite new and existing organization users with the role of curator or admin, to collaborate on information on a board (write access).This is the core of collaborative curation, where several collaborators work together as a team to discover, collect, enrich and select content to share or use

Who can do it

Enterprise admins can invite new and current organization collaborators to their boards. Enterprise curators only have the permission to invite existing organization users.

How to do it

Once you have a board ready, click on the users icon or avatar(s) near the top right corner of the board menu. A side panel appears:

invite team to board
  • Click on add users near the top of the panel
  • In the popup, click on the box to select the access – in this case collaborators
  • Next, select the users from your organization which you want to add and confirm
invite users - collaborators on board

If you have admin rights, you can also invite a new curator to the organization and simultaneously as a collaborator to the board. Simply click on “invite new curator to organization”. In the following window, add the email address(s) of new users you wish to invite.


New users get an email invitation to create their own account within your organization. Added collaborators have access to the board you just shared. All collaborators (with curator or admin roles) can cooperate through the complete workflow, including saving content, notifications with mentions, comments, tags, summaries, annotations, votes and editor approval. Collaboration on board also let you work together on publishing. Although, remember that connected accounts (Buffer, Hootsuite, Zapier, WordPress, MS Teams, and Slack) are linked to the board owner and the account connection cannot be modified by others.

2- Invite subscribers to engage on your boards


Invite current or new organization users in your team to read, comment, vote and discuss content, right on your boards. This engaging content delivery allows conversations to happen in the safe environment of Cronycle boards – learn more.

Who can do it

Enterprise curators and admins.

How to do it

Once you have a board with content, click on users icon and avatar(s) near the top right corner of your board menu. Go to the Subscribers tab and enable it for subscriptions.

board enabled for subscribers

Then, you can add subscribers. From the side panel:

  • Click on “+add users” (or on “add subscribers” in the tip)
  • Select the access level “subscribers” (to limit their access to view and comment)
  • In the window, click on the box to select subscribers within the users of your organization. The same person cannot be both subscriber and collaborator on the same board.
invite users - subscribers on board

If you want to invite a new subscriber to the organization, click on “invite new subscriber to organisation”. In the next popup, add the email address(s) of people you want to invite to the organization. Both admins and curators can do that. However, curators’s requests need to be first validated by an admin user (who get notified about the request). The invite generated is for the role of subscriber – these users cannot create boards and feeds, nor modify boards they join.


New subscribers get an email invitation to create their own account within your organization. As soon as that’s done, they have access to the board you just invited them to. You (or other curators and admins) can add them to other boards.

3- Invite existing users from your team to source content on feeds


Invite existing organization users to a feed.

Who can do it

Enterprise curators and admins.

How to do it

Once you have a feed ready, click on the little person icon under the feed title. Then, in the dropdown menu, mark the checkboxes of team members in the organization you wish to invite as collaborators to your feed.

Add organization users to collect information on feeds

You cannot invite new users from feeds. You first need to add them to your organization (see section 4).


As soon as the added collaborators go to the feeds, they will have access to the feed you just shared. All feed collaborators can update sources, default board and filters. The changes to the feed apply to all feed collaborators. If Alex adds a keyword filter, it will apply to all other collaborators on that feed.

However, a few feed customizations are strictly personal:

  • Content type filter
  • Viewing style (card vs list)
  • Sorting order
  • Seen / unseen

4 – Invite collaborators to your organization


Invite new curators or subscribers to collect or engage with information in your organization, without necessarily inviting them to any board or feed. Recommended if you want to invite many new team members at once, using a CSV import.

Who can do it

Enterprise admins only.

How to invite new users from the admin console

Go to the Admin section, Users page. Click on “invite users”. Next, chose which role the new users of your organization will have:

  • Curators can create and modify feeds and boards, add sources, publish from boards, share feeds and collaborate.
  • Subscribers can read, comment and vote on content, and discuss in Crystals – only on published boards they are subscribed to.
invite team to curate or engage with your content

In the step, add the email address of new users to invite and submit. You can also invite many at once with a CSV file. In that case, read this detailed post, to format the file correctly. Adding published boards is entirely optional.

Once your new organization users have created the account following the link they receive by email, they can start creating boards, feeds and publishing, if they are curators. You can add invite your team to your boards and feeds (only once they have created their account). If they are subscribers, they can view and engage on published boards they are subscribed to.

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