London Tech Week – Cronycle; Browser and Furthermore discuss the process behind launching a successful product

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Lots of us can identify problems in their work and home life that they would like to solve, and sometimes, we get the eureka moment where we feel we have a solution to that problem.

As part of London Tech Week, Cronycle paired up with Browser and Furthermore to deliver insight and advice to entrepreneurs looking to launch a brand new product. The breakfast session was held at our offices in Forge & Co in Shoreditch.

Shoreditch co-working space Forge & Co. brought together three London tech-startups to talk on the topic of using research and insight to design and develop a successful technology product.

Using Research to Launch a Successful Product

Research is at the heart of developing a strategy and a product which will do well in the market. In the session, Cronycle spoke about using their research platform for qualitative understanding of the product’s fit in the market. Furthermore talked about using agile methods to gain quantitative research on the product itself. Finally, the Browser finished things off by talking about their own experience in launching a successful product in the marketplace.

Qualitative and quantitative data is essential in launching a successful product

It’s incredibly important to have a plan and a strategy in place when launching your product. Understanding your target market, user experience, your business model can all help support the early growth stages of your product.

We recorded everything, and you can listen to the session in full here:

Cronycle on finding your product niche

Browser London – Making the leap from digital services to digital products

Browser’s Managing Director Julian Morency shared the company’s incredible journey into the tech world. They were kind enough to share with us their insightful and successful leap from digital services to digital products. You can watch the video in full here.

Furthermore UX – Using hypothesis-driven design to improve your digital products and services

Furthemore’s talk focused on how to form and write design hypothesis, how they can help you connect and align teams, and how you can use various types of user research to deliver digital products and services. Furthemore has shared a summary of their presentation in their Medium Channel. You can read it full here.

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