Announcing the LGBT+ public feed

Pride Month – Cronycle releases a public feed with information on topics important to the LGBTQ+ community

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June 1st marks the beginning of Pride Month. This global celebration – which includes everything from picnics and parades to memorials and marches – is used as a focal point in the year to commemorate the impact that those in the LGTB community have had on history, nationally and internationally. As a diverse and global organization, Cronycle wanted to do something meaningful in support, and we took inspiration for our contribution from the history of Pride Month itself.

In 1969, the LGBT community in New York was the frequent target of police harassment. On June 28th, 1969, New York City police raided a known gay club, the Stonewall Inn, located in Greenwich Village. 

That night was neither the first night a gay bar was raided, nor was it the first protest of the community to the harassment. But it was a flashpoint that sparked a larger movement, and the moment in history that Pride Month uses as a rallying point. 

And while the police referred to the five nights following the Stonewall Inn raid as a riot, the LGBT+ disavow that label, referring to the actions after the raid as an uprising or rebellion. Other uprisings, according to the Library of Congress, included:

  • Black Cat Raid in 1967, Los Angeles
  • Black Night Brawl in August of 1961, Milwaukee
  • Compton’s Cafeteria Raid in 1966, San Francisco
  • Cooper’s Do-Nut Raid in 1959, Los Angeles
  • Pepper Hill Club Raid in 1955, Baltimore

We hear about these uprisings now as we celebrate Pride Month because they are part of the history of the LGBTQIA community and part of the reason that we’ve gotten where we have today with LGBT+ rights. The more aware we are of granted and denied rights, violations, protests, news, and so on, the more we can approach the topics of LGBT+ rights, and human rights as a whole, with knowledge and understanding. When this information remains in the dark, it’s impossible to act upon.

Knowledge and information are powerful things. In fact, they are at the heart of what Cronycle is all about. So, it made sense for us to combine our desire to support Pride Month in a meaningful way with our ability to uncover information from around the world.

To that end, Cronycle is releasing a public feed focused on LGBTQ+ topics today. This feed surfaces news and information being shared by voices around the world regarding the issues, ideas, and thoughts around LGBT subjects by topical experts. Use this feed as our customers do with their feeds – to uncover the most relevant content on the topic, shared by global experts. We hope this lets you discover information, build awareness, and helps you make sense of the issues most important to you and to the LGBTQ+ community as a whole.

You’ll find the public feed here:

Happy Pride Month!

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