Cronycle - Weekly Spotlight Banner - August 15 2022

Free social media training, B2B marketing budgets, and reasons your funnel isn’t working– Cronycle’s weekly wrap up for August 15, 2022

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We’re back with another week of discovered content that you don’t want to miss. We’re deep into Q3 and content producers have hit their stride, so there is a ton of great, valuable thoughts and ideas out there – so let’s jump right in!

As always, the content that you see here was found and collected using Cronycle. If you’re interested in seeing how Cronycle can help you uncover relevant and timely content, save and collaborate on market and competitive information, and share forward-looking and thought-provoking insights, let us know. We’d be happy to show you how our tool can save you time and increase your communication and engagement with your team and stakeholders.

74% of B2B marketers expect budgets to increase next year

by Constantine Von Hoffman | | 9 Expert network shares

Given constant talk of recessions and economic impacts, it might be surprising to hear that B2B marketers are increasing budgets, not slashing them. But that’s what a new report from Wpromote uncovered, as well as a lot more.

People or personas? What B2B marketing can learn from B2C | 2 Expert network shares

Personas are incredibly helpful at narrowing in on messaging, positioning, and more. But B2B marketers need to remember what their B2C counterparts learned a long time ago – personas are a guide, but their buyers are people.

86% of B2B Brands Find Success With Influencer Marketing

by Matt G. Southern | | 20 Expert network shares

Thinking about adding influencer marketing to the mix? According to a TopRank Marketing blog report, B2B marketers see a great deal of success leveraging influencers. (And here’s a pro tip – Cronycle is great for both finding B2B influencers and for following and monitoring the influencers that you work with).

40+ Mistakes Derailing Your Content Team (and How to Fix Them)

by Ann Gynn | | 36 Expert network shares

We frequently focus on what’s working and not with your content – are blogs resonating? Are emails getting opened? Are people downloading premium pieces of content? Sometimes, though, we forget that the teams making that content are important and need attention too.

4 Reasons Your Content Funnel Isn’t Working (+How to Fix It) – Foleon

by Rita Theologi | | 6 Expert network shares

You’ve set up your content funnel, but to your dismay it’s just not producing the results you were hoping for. Why is that? That’s the big question that this post wants to help you solve.

7 Free Social Media Training Programs From Top Platforms

by Lane Ellis | | 12 Expert network shares

Hiring is like a roller coaster right now. We’ve migrated from the Great Resignation to the Great Reshuffle to companies pulling offers after making them to layoffs to more hiring. One thing that’s always good for employees – both those looking for a job and in getting people interested in your open roles – is continuing education. Here, you’ll find several social media training programs that are free and will help you polish your social media skills.

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