Cronycle - Weekly Spotlight Banner - August 8 2022

UX in CRO, measuring content ROI, and B2B customer advocacy – This is the weekly wrap up for August 8, 2022

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Welcome back to the weekly wrap-up of content useful for market intelligence, product marketing, competitive intelligence, content marketing, sales enablement teams, and others in GTM! All of the content in this post was discovered, tagged, and annotated using Cronycle’s powerful platform.

If you’re interested in seeing how Cronycle can help you uncover relevant and timely content, save and collaborate on market and competitive information, and share forward-looking and thought-provoking insights, let us know. We’d be happy to show you how our tool can save you time and increase your communication and engagement with your team and stakeholders.

8 Tips and Best Practices to Win at B2B Email Marketing

by Werner Geyser | | 2 Expert network shares

Sure, when it comes to email marketing, having the right offer and the right message is important. But there are other tips you should consider – from subject lines to buyer journey stage – to get the most out of your emails.

The Role of UX in Conversion Rate Optimization

by Tony Ademi | | 2 Expert network shares

Conversion is king, whether your goal is a download, an appointment, or a sale. Is your user experience helping win conversions, or hampering your other efforts?

Product-Led Content Should Not Feel Like Marketing

by Chillital | | 2 Expert network shares

Good product-led content doesn’t feel like marketing – it feels like solving a problem. What is product-led content, and how can you do it right?

65% of Marketers Now Using Analytics to Measure Content Marketing ROI

by Krystle Vermes | | 3 Expert network shares

A recent Martech trends report shows that content marketing has joined much of the rest of marketing in leveraging BI and analytics to show its value to the organization. Check out this piece to see some of the other stats that were uncovered in the “Content Matters: Martech Trends 2022 Report”.

Why Customer Advocacy is Key to B2B Marketing

by Azadeh Williams | | 1 Expert network share

Even though B2B marketing is moving toward more B2C strategies, the core of B2B is still in relationships. In fact, the strategies and tactics making their way from B2C are those that build trust and nurture connection. Customer advocacy can be an important piece of that puzzle.

5 Tips to Improve Your Content Strategy

by Kristi Hines | | 40 Expert network shares

Regularly posting good, helpful content is a proven method of increasing brand visibility and to engage your audience – a key consideration with today’s buyers. Not just any content will do, however – your content should be strategic and purposeful.

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