The Weekly Spotlight of market and competitive intelligence for Feb 7, 2022 brought to you by Cronycle

How to run a focus group, online brand building, the benefits of infographics and more – Cronycle’s weekly wrap up for Feb 7, 2022

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Here it is! Your weekly roundup of market & competitive insights discovered using the Cronycle app. It’s hard to believe we’re already in the second month of the year! As January closes down and February unfurls, we’re seeing a nice balance of strategy and tactics reflected in the content coming out now – we hope the pieces below teach you something new, help you refine ideas, or spark an insight you might have otherwise missed. 

As always, the content that you see here was found and collected using Cronycle. If you’re interested in seeing how Cronycle can help you uncover relevant and timely content, save and collaborate on market and competitive information, and share forward-looking and thought-provoking insights, let us know. We’d be happy to show you how our tool can save you time and increase your communication and engagement with your team and stakeholders.

How to Run a Focus Group for Your Business

By Aj Beltis  |  |  28 Expertise network shares

Primary and secondary research are both important across business roles and projects, including corporate strategy, product development, persona creation, and much more. One effective method of primary research is focus groups, but if you’re just starting out with them, it can seem overwhelming. Hubspot has put together a guide on how you can run your own focus group for market research.

Marketing 2012 to 2022 – Has Anything Really Changed?

By David Angell  |  |  7 Expertise network shares

We talk a lot about how fast the business world moves today and all of the things we need to do to keep up. Mr. Angell wanted to test that and see if much has actually changed, at least in marketing, over the last 10 years. Sure, we have new channels and new tools, but are the core challenges still the same? See what he rates as Solved, Evolved, Static, or Disappeared.

4 Critical Marketing Techniques For Building Your Brand Online

By Derick Quinanola  |  |  35 Expertise network shares

Expanding from traditional marketing forms to digital can be daunting. Each technique serves a different purpose and the goals for each can be complex. In this piece, discover several different flavors of marketing, what they are, and how they can best serve your brand or product awareness online.

10 Ways Infographics Can Benefit your Content Marketing Strategy

By Mark Walker Ford  |  |  2 Expertise network shares

Data is a content marketer’s best friend, helping to build trust in the points and insights that you’re sharing. However, it can sometimes be difficult to convey that data clearly in many of content marketing’s standard forms, like blogs and social posts. Infographics to the rescue. In this very Inception-like post, you’ll discover the benefits of infographics… in an infographic.

A human, not a number: new methods of B2B marketing to drive growth

By Stephano Hatfield  |  |  3 Expertise network shares

B2B marketing has advanced in the last decade, but the last year has driven major shifts in how business buyers want to be treated by the brands they work with. Digital has leveled the playing field, and set B2B consumer expectations on par with B2C, breaking down some of the walls between the two. And with transformed workplaces, B2B digital marketing needs new ways to reach its target audience. Hear what Anamika Gupta, head of customer marketing at Fujitsu Americas and Simon McAvoy, head of strategy at Omobono had to say on the subject.

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