Cronycle - Weekly Spotlight Banner - June 13 2022

Content trends, marketing in tough times, and CI in product marketing – This is the weekly wrap up for June 13, 2022

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Welcome back to the best part of Mondays – the weekly wrap-up from Cronycle! This week’s mix includes content marketing skills advice, how marketing can weather economic downturns, and books for B2B marketers, plus more content for competitive intelligence, product marketing, and more. All of the content in this post was discovered, tagged, and annotated using Cronycle’s powerful market intelligence discovery platform.

If you’re interested in seeing how Cronycle can help you uncover relevant and timely content, save and collaborate on market and competitive information, and share forward-looking and thought-provoking insights, let us know. We’d be happy to show you how our tool can save you time and increase your communication and engagement with your team and stakeholders.

The role of competitive intel in product marketing leadership

by Lawrence Chapman | | 1 Expert network shares

Product marketers need competitive intelligence as much as any other strategic role within an organization. Two key areas that PMMs are interested in when it comes to CI are indirect competitors (more than 30% of PMMs track these competitors monthly) and adjacent markets (more than half plan to move into an adjacent market in the near future) – both of which are things that Cronycle’s related topic graphs can help surface. We even have a public sample, using Artificial Intelligence as the topic, for you to explore.

by Jo Hamilton | | 2 Expert network shares

Like a lot of digital marketing, content marketing is an ever-evolving discipline. As consumer needs and expectations change, and as technology opens new avenues for content presentation, marketers must adapt their plans accordingly. Every “trends” piece is a product of the author’s perspective, but every one of these blogs offers some valuable insight into what is changing with the strategy it represents.

4 New Marketing Books Every B2B Marketer Should Read

by Lane Ellis | | 12 Expert network shares

There are so many books out there to help leaders and marketers better understand their role, their industry, where its headed, and how to be even better at what they do. B2B marketers fill such a vital and specific place in the marketing ecosystem, a list of books that can help guide you to some of the best ones currently available is certainly a welcome post.

Top Three Content Marketing Skills to Brush Up On

by Steve Krull | | 1 Expert network share

Today’s business environment is both digital and fast paced, which means one thing – team members must be constantly learning and embracing new skills while refreshing and updating the ones they already have. Certainly, that applies to marketers and those of us that use content marketing as one of our tools.

How Marketing Can Weather an Economic Downturn

by Pam Didner | | 2 Expert network shares

This isn’t Chicken Little – we are definitely in an economic downturn. That might mean many of us will see reduced marketing and strategy budgets as sales dip and overhead costs go up, but it doesn’t mean the death of marketing. In fact, marketing will be a critical element for a business to weather the storm – we’ll just need to do what we do best, and that’s alter plans and strategies to meet the needs of the company and the customer.

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