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Market Intelligence Alerts

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Because it’s absolutely critical that you be the first to know about new developments happening inside and outside your market, Cronycle now offers real-time alerts and updates for Enterprise users who activate and configure the alerts feature. As an Enterprise user, Cronycle’s market intelligence alerts ensure you receive timely updates and notifications about important information surfaced by Cronycle and published to your feeds.

If you’re a Cronycle user, you already know the impact of timely insights. There are countless reasons to activate Cronycle’s real-time alerts. Here are just a few examples of the kinds of information you and your team might want to be alerted to:

  • When a competitor indicates a key new product or feature is being developed.
  • When an industry expert or analyst signals an important shift in the marketplace related to your company’s investments.
  • Environmental, geopolitical, regulatory and other changes happening which could lead to disruptions in your supply chains.

In today’s competitive marketplace, information that helps you stay ahead of the market is essential. Your team simply cannot afford to find out about important developments days–or even hours–too late.

How market intelligence alerts are delivered

Cronycle alerts are delivered to you (and all other members of a feed) in two different ways:

  1. As an email, AND
  2. As a visual notification while actively logged into the web application – coming soon

Now, let’s take a look at how easy it is to set up market intelligence alerts.

How to set up market intelligence alerts

When you set up an alert, it is directly tied to content surfaced within a specific feed. Currently, you may set up one alert per feed. With each alert, you can choose one or several keywords to monitor. You can set a trigger to be notified for articles that reach a minimum share count threshold within our expertise network.

Notice: You must be an Enterprise user in order to receive market intelligence alerts. Not an Enterprise user? Request a demo to see it in action.

To create an alert, go to the feed where you want to set up the alert. Before setting up the alert, ensure the content surfaced in that feed is relevant. If there is too much noise, consider eliminating some sources or topics or tightening up your keyword filters. A noisy feed may produce notifications you don’t wish to receive. Remember, Cronycle allows you to modify and adjust your feed at any time.

When you are satisfied with your feed, click on the “Feed alerts” button on the right column, or go to the “Alerts” section in feed settings.

access feed alert setup from a feed's quick actions menu on the right

Setting triggers for keywords

In order to set an alert to trigger based on specific keywords, expand the section, “Trigger by keywords” and add the appropriate keywords. Alerts will then be triggered based on keywords mentioned in the title or body of articles. In the ‘Trigger by keywords” section, type a word or phrase you want to set alerts for and click on “Include.” Repeat to add additional keywords and phrases. Note that the keywords are highly specific. For example, if you add the keyword “physicians” (plural) you will not get content mentioning “physician” (singular) so be sure to include both, singular and plural forms and any other variations of a word or phrase necessary.

By default, alerts are triggered when articles includes at least one of your keywords. You can adjust this setting by choosing to receive an alert ONLY when ALL keywords are mentioned in the same content. To do so, simply click on “OR” to reveal a drop-down with the option to switch to “AND.” As soon as you select “AND,” all the ORs will become ANDs. You can go back to “OR” anytime by clicking on it again.

keywords (names of companies) set up for market intelligence alert

As an example, if you want to be notified every time there is content that includes EITHER “retail” OR “restaurant,” your alert should use “OR”. If you want to notified only when an article includes BOTH terms, make sure your alert is set up for “retail” AND “restaurant”. You can change this at any time, but it’s a good idea to set it up the right way from the beginning so you get exactly the alerts that are most meaningful to you and avoid notification overload.

Keyword alert triggers and feed keyword filters are cumulative. If your feed has the keyword filters for “kiwi”, “orange”, or “lemon”, you can decide to get alerts only for “lemon”.

Trigger market intelligence alerts from Cronycle’s Expertise Network shares

This is a powerful feature unique to Cronycle. Cronycle allow you to receive alerts when an article is shared a number of times within the Cronycle Expertise Network. Cronycle’s Expertise Network tracks thought leaders, influencers and field experts across more than 80,000 topics. With this feature, you can decide to trigger content alerts based on a minimum number of overall shares among the Expertise Network. This share count corresponds to the number shown for a majority of content displayed in Cronycle feeds:

share count in feeds, using the Cronycle expertise network

Setting alert triggers based on a minimum number of Expertise Network shares is easy. Within feed settings (in the second block under Alerts), simply type the number of shares you want to set as a threshold for triggering an alert.

What’s a good minimum number? It depends on many factors. Some very relevant content may only be shared a few times while other content will be shared hundreds of times. The way your feed is set up and what you decide is important to you will determine how you use this feature.

You may find yourself making a few adjustments before you hit the sweet spot with alerts, but fortunately making changes is easy to do.

minimum share count added to the market intelligence alert

Quick note about tweets and conversations: they are currently not supported – only articles (including those with PDF or videos) are.

Receiving and acting on market intelligence alerts

As mentioned previously, Cronycle currently delivers market intelligence alerts in two ways:

  • Via email to the address used to log in to your Cronycle account
  • Via notifications displayed in the Cronycle web application – coming soon

When you see the dot with a number by the bell icon displayed in the top right corner of the screen, it means you have notifications. The notifications are accessible by clicking on the bell icon (coming soon):

access to notifications in the cronycle web application to review alerts

When there are several users assigned to the same feed, each user automatically has permission to adjust the market intelligence alert for that feed. Note that all users connected to the feed will receive the same notifications.

Each Cronycle notification contains several elements of information to help you assess its importance:

  • Feed name
  • Article title
  • Domain where it was published
  • Keyword mentioned (if relevant)
  • Share count (if relevant)
email notification for a market intelligence alert

After receiving a market intelligence alert, you may take several actions, including:

  • Scan the title and body text to determine if deeper reading is required
  • Read the full content by clicking to open in the feed reader in Cronycle
  • Share with your team by clicking to open the content, then selecting share by email
  • Contextualize and enrich the content by pinning it to boards. After clicking on the content, you are taken into Cronycle and from there you can pin the content to a board. Within a board, you may annotate or add a summary and tags. You can even share the enriched content with your audiences via Microsoft Teams or other options you have configured.
  • Choose to adjust the alert by clicking on “Modify alert” and adjusting its triggers to ensure you’re getting the most relevant notifications.

Gain access to market intelligence alerts

Cronycle’s market intelligence alerts is one of many Enterprise features that can help you lead the market. With real-time alerts, you’ll be the first to know about critical developments surfaced and included in your feeds. As mentioned, Cronycle’s market intelligence alerts are only provided as a feature for Enterprise users.

For assistance upgrading your team to Enterprise or for help creating a market intelligence alert, please contact us.

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