Cronycle - Weekly Spotlight Banner - April 3 2022

Marketing measurability, content trends, and brand loyalty stats – this is the weekly wrap up of market and competitive insights for April 3rd, 2022

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Here it is – Cronycle’s wrap-up of interesting and insightful posts for market and competitive intelligence professionals, product and content marketers, sales and sales enablement teams, and anyone else interested in GTM topics. 

As always, the content that you see here was found and collected using Cronycle. If you’re interested in seeing how Cronycle can help you uncover relevant and timely content, save and collaborate on market and competitive information, and share forward-looking and thought-provoking insights, let us know. We’d be happy to show you how our tool can save you time and increase your communication and engagement with your team and stakeholders.

Everything is Measurable in Marketing

By Christopher Penn  |  |  8 Expert network shares

In this piece, the author takes a controversial but – for a numbers and measurement geek like me, comforting – view of metrics in marketing. Instead of saying some things can’t be quantified, Mr. Penn takes the stance that, in fact, 100% of marketing can be measured.

The Great Acceleration

By Dan Gliatta Cargo Llc  |  |  3 Expert network shares

Consumer behaviors – even B2B ones – have massively changed in the last two years. Those shifts have forever changed marketing and how we deliver the customer experience.

Why it’s time to reset our expectations about brand loyalty

By G. David Dodd  |  |  10 Expert network shares

There has been a lot of buzz about brand loyalty, millennials, and Gen Z where consumer brands are concerned. It turns out, brand loyalty is shifting in the B2B world, too, but maybe not in the ways you’d expect. Thanks to a recent survey, we can get a clearer picture of what’s going on in the minds of B2B buyers.

From product marketing to competitive intelligence

By Charley Gale  |  |  1 Expert network shares

In the latest episode of The Product Marketing Life podcast from the PMA, we hear from a former product marketer who has made the shift to competitive intelligence, and why he feels that’s a natural progression.

Qualitative vs quantitative research

By Emma Bilardi  |  |  1 Expert network shares

Both qualitative and quantitative data are important to product marketers, M&CI, and more. What’s the difference? And what are the benefits of each?

By Stas Pamintuan  |  |  8 Expert network shares

Executives have started to sit up and take notice of content marketing and are naming it a key strategy. What are the trends that will be keeping your content marketing fresh and relevant in 2022?

20 Digital Marketing Ebooks Marketers are Reading in 2022

By Kayla Carmicheal  |  |  18 Expert network shares

eBooks are a mainstay of learning something new and targeted in your industry – and marketing is no different. This week our roundup includes a roundup of the marketing eBooks you don’t want to miss.

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